Sunday, September 23, 2007

What the *^%@

Usually I never post until a day after the game, but I am breaking my own rule. Tonight was PATHETIC!! This was a Uconn team that we should have dismantled. There was no reason at all to lose this game, but we did. I hate to say this, but Pitt football really has been the most disappointing team to follow since at least 2001.

Here is some history. I hated college sports until I actually enrolled at Pitt. I thought that college football was only here for the NFL draft and that college basketball was taking up space on the ESPN ticker which prevented me from Penguin's updates.

I am now one of the biggest Pitt fans that you will find but seriously, why is it that every Pitt team ends in disappointment?

I really thought that we would be the sleeper team of the year. The offensive line would be improved, Aaron Berry would step in for Revis and not miss a beat, Bostick would make us all forget about Palko............. Nope.

I hate to say it, but this is only a filler year until next year.

Next year's team will be scary good, if and only if the Oline gets their shit under control. Yeah there you go, DPJ's first curse words. Losing Otah will be a killer. However, Joe Thomas, Chris Vangas, and Mike McGlynn should really try to be shittier offensive lineman. John Bachman, who from his video intro looks like a dick, played a solid second half tonight. I was hoping that Chase Clowser would get some earlier PT tonight at tackle but it didn't play out the way I wanted.

Basically the fact is, our Oline is still a HUGE weakness. Our DLine didn't create the pressure like we did against MSU. Mustache Jones (a.k.a. Wanny) promised that our lines would be superior to those in the past, yet they still under achieve.

Our passing game without Kinder has gone to shit, and Shady is the only bright spot for the season on offense.

Okay, enough bitching.

Here's the point of this article.

2008 will be a great season for the Panthers. There is no reason at all why we should not win the Big East next year. White, Slaton, Brohm and etc. will all be gone from the conference. We will have Shady, Hot Rod, a healthy Stull, Bostick (who will redshirt), Kinder, Byham, and etc etc etc.

The only thing that can hold this team back is the offensive line. I hate to say it, but they need to step up big time. Paul Dunn really screwed up and should be out of a job come January 1. How do you not know that Pinkston has a severe injury?

Anyways, next years team should feature these starters.

Qb - Stull. Say what you want, we are HUGE Pat Bostick fans, but Stull will play since Mustache Jones loves upper classmen, and guess what. STULL CAN COMPLETE A SCREEN PASS! Sorry Kevan Smith. You are as good right now as you were with Seneca Valley, and you will be just as good when you graduate with that free degree in 2010. Shady needs to be the starting running back. I like Hot Rod, but Shady is a game breaker and needs to get the most carries possible. The starting fullback should be Conredge, he is a beast and should get at least 5 touches a game.

Here's a surprise. Next year's starting WR's should be Kinder and Wright. T.J. Porter should be benched for his huge fumbled, Turner should be benched for his drop against MSU. Aundre Wright is a great WR and provides more speed, catching ability, and flexibility compared to the Wr's on our roster. End arounds, reverses, and HB Option passes are all available when the Pride of Perry is on the field.

Nate Byham WILL be the starting tight end, and should get a minimum of 5 catches per game. Nate is a game breaker and we are truly lucky to have him on the team. Nate can be the best "high flyer" (pun) tight end that has ever played at Pitt. So Cavanaugh START USING HIM THAT WAY!

Next year's line should have Jacobsen and Nix on it. If it doesn't then we are just trying to lose for the hell of it.

The defense will be solid in 2008 aslong as we feature Dorin, Ba Ba Booey (gus mus), McKillop Jr, Fields, DiCicco, and Tommie Duhart's Babies!

Sorry for the rant, I try to let Jason Jones handle that but, this team has underachieved thus far. Pat Bostick, we here at the cat basket love you and hopefully you take the reigns and run. Remember, Marino also threw an int on his first pass, and didn't become the starter until week 4.

Good luck and god speed.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Grothe and injuries will kill us next year. I just hope Shady doesn't transfer...