Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pitt-PSU Rivalry Suggestion

I didn't want to keep focusing on this topic but there was a little debate with DPJ and me in the comments yesterday and I thought I would flesh my argument out a little. I promise tonight the focus will completely shift to the game against Michigan St.

First things first the fact that Penn St. won't go even 1 for 1 with us is completely ridiculous. They are treating this rivalry without any respect and by association our school. The article today in the Post-Gazette talked about how Paterno is kicking around the idea of bringing back the rivalry on a 6 home game for Penn St. and 4 home game for Pitt schedule over 10 years. Penn St. needs to hang it up on their crazy self-importance. Hey JoePa, call up Notre Dame and demand the same game structure and see what happens. Before I make my argument realize that I think this is ridiculous and I'm not saying give up to Penn St. just to get the game started.

Here is my proposal and its on a 15 year structure to hopefully outlast a certain old man with incontinence problems:

1. Play the first game at a neutral ground. Lincoln Financial Field in Philly would be a good place for the first neutral ground game of the series. Then perhaps move the second neutral ground game of the series to Cleveland, then Washington D.C. or another close NFL stadium. Play the neutral ground games in NFL cities as to not have to worry about scheduling at a different college stadium.
2. Give PSU the first home game in the series to shut them up.
3. Second home game of the series is played at Heinz Field, therefore giving us the final home game of the first agreement.

There you go we are 15 years out and somebody is gone. After the initial agreement we just go back to the real world and play the 1 and 1. I know this won't happen but I was just trying to think of a way to circumvent the old man and get the game back on track. Just an idea for everybody to chew on.

Paterno Showing His Arrogance


Anonymous said...

It will never happen as long as Joe is the coach, period.

Give him 2-3 years to retire and the series should resume in 2013/2014.

J Jones said...

I've been waiting for him to retire since I was like 15. I can't wait anymore he needs to go away. Yeah I realize that the game is going to come back soon, just some food for thought.