Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pat Bostick threw 3 Interceptions.

Following the MSU game, people were still not ready to admit that Bostick and Shady should start. Jason Jones took crap from a few idiots who thought that Hot Rod should start, because he is a junior instead, of Shady. Now, after getting embarrassed by Uconn at home, people finally admit that Shady should be the starter. With that issue resolved, people are still bashing Bostick!! WHY???

When was the last time we had a Qb as prized as Bostick? Palko? not quite. Rod Rutherford? Nope. David Priestly, Pete Gonzalez, Alex Van Pelt??? Nope. Dan Marino? BINGO!

Dan Marino did not make his first college start until his 4th game his freshman year. He also threw an interception on his very first college pass.

Pat Bostick will be starting in his 5th collegiate game and also threw an int on his first pass.

Now, expecting Bostick to be on the same level as Marino is simply not fair. It is fair, however, to expect that Bostick will eventually lead this team to a BCS bowl win. Yeah I said it, by the time Bostick is gone, we will have won a BCS game with him at the helm.

Bostick came to Pitt with everything needed to win. Yeah, he had that breakdown early in august, but he is back now and seems to have all of his issues resolved. When I first came to college I had a rough time. I spent many nights on the phone with my mom, crying, unsure if I was in the right place, wondering if I made the right choice in life. I got through it and Pat will too. It isn't an easy transition to make.

Back to Pat's natural abilities. The kid is a gamer. At home, he would come up with plays and draw them on his wall so that he wouldn't forget them. He would then put them in a book then paint over the wall and start the whole process over. Pat knew the playbook inside and out from his first day on campus back in May. I bet he was one of the few recruits in Pitt history that has actually ever memorized the entire playbook before even stepping on the practice field for the first time. If you are wondering why I keep praising Pat, here is what was said about him in scouting terms.

"Bostick has all the intangibles to be a great quarterback. he sees the field well and reads defenses as good as anyone. He does not have a cannon of an arm, but it is above average, his strength is his quick release and accuracy. He is not a sprinter by any means, but his game speed is faster than his forty-time. He can get out of the pocket and has the ability to feel the pocket collapse and escape the rush." - Scout.com

If you don't like that piece, well.... Here is what his high school coach had to say about the great Mr. Bostick.
“I’m not sure what they are going to do with Pat as far as a red-shirt goes. I think that when he gets on campus and starts working out with the team, a decision then will be made. I know this. Pat is talented enough to compete as a freshman if the coaching staff at Pitt feels that they want to give him a shot next year.”

He added, “Pat has all the intangibles to be a great quarterback at the next level. He sees the field well and reads defenses as good as anyone. He doesn’t have the strongest arm, but it is above average, and his strength is his quick release and accuracy. That is what separates him from the others.”

If you actually saw the 2nd half of the game (we did, we stayed till the end), you could have seen the next great PA Qb in action. Bostick was hitting receivers in stride, had zip on his passes, and made good decisions. If this team can give him any time at all to drop back and pass, this team can still make a bowl game.

One last thing about Pat. I recently had the chance to meet his father, and I must say that Pat comes from a great family. His dad was very nice and it's easy to see why Pat is such a good person too, he got it from his father. Pat will always have my support because I believe that all Panthers deserve it, but I'm rooting extra hard for Pat to be the greatest Panther, Person, and Future NFL star he can because if there is one person on this team who deserves good fortune because of the good person he is, it is Pat.


Anonymous said...

Who cares what high school scouting services said about him. He didn't even play quad A high school football. Recruiting services are overrated. Pryor the number 1 player?? He plays double A football!

Tony Dorsett said...

Hey man, I didn't play quad A football either? You sayin I suck?

You don't have to be a quad A player to be great. Just look at me.

Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada said...

get off his nuts dpj...

Pittfan1 said...

I was at the Marino first college game. The very next play after his first pass was intercepted was a 20 plus yard pass downfield completion. Dan had a little confidence in himself even then.