Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quotes from the Coach (One Good, One Not So Good)

I'm doing my usual run through all the media about the game on Saturday and I've come across a two items that really peaked my interest. I thought I would give my take on what these mean to the line-up for Grambling State.

They are from the Post Gazette Article this morning from Paul Zeise :

"They're close right now, Pat has closed the gap" in reference to the quarterback battle in practice this week.

This is great, some of the better news I've heard all week. Coach Wannstedt seems to be giving Pat Bostick a fair chance to win this battle. I was very worried when Stull went down that the coaching staff would hand the job to Smith just based on his time with the team. Opening up this job to a legitimate contest is the only way find out who can lead this team.

Zeise also quoted Coach Wannstedt by saying that "Ricky Gary will start at corner ahead of Aaron Berry for the second consecutive game even if Berry's ankle has healed."

I'm trying to clean up the blog a little bit and calm down my anger but me and DPJ will accept your apologies. I knew that this situation was much more complex than the ankle injury last week. Gary played solid football but these first two games are meaningless in terms of playing good, players need to be great against these under-talented teams. Hopefully, Berry is just being held out for the Michigan St. game, please let this be the case.

Also in the article Zeise talks about how there will be changes in the offensive line. Mike McGlynn is going to replace somebody on the line. I'm very happy that Coach Wannstedt is holding the line accountable for the poor play of last week but we need continuity. The changes in this game to the offensive line have to stick so that we can gain momentum going into Michigan St.

Not to completely dismiss Grambling St. but I see this game as an extension of this week practice. All the work and changes to the team that we will see this weekend need to get us ready to work in practice next week. This game has to set, not taking into account injuries, the starting line-up for the rest of the year. Michigan St. is the true start to our season and we need to take this week's practices, the Grambling St. game Saturday, and practice next will decide what the direction this season will take.

It's a very exciting and uncertain time to be a Panther fan. Coach Wannstedt really needs to show his game and team management skills over the next 10 or so days. This is the most important week in his career as the coach of the Panthers.


Dennis said...

Jason, I think this is merely a situation where Coach Wannstedt wants to make sure that Aaron is 100% before playing him. There is no reason in the world to risk further injury to you star cornerback for a game in which we should win by double digits.

Also, Mike McGlynn will be replacing Joe Thomas at guard this week. I believe that with this change and continued experience for Jason Pinkston, our offensive line will be in better shape.

I do agree with you about the Bostick situation. If he is on par with a 2nd year player, let him start. This is the most low pressure situation he could find himself in and really could help add to his long term success.

DPJ said...

Dennid, i couldn't agree more.