Saturday, September 1, 2007

Well.....atleast we won.

Let me just start off by saying, I was highly disappointed. I really hoped we would see more of Shady, and when Stull got injured, I wanted to see the original Cat Basket (Pat Bostick). So i'm going to recap the game on the offensive side, the defensive side and overall.


Stull did what he had to do to move the offense. He did not look impressive at all. He under through receivers and played well enough for us to get the win. Hot-Rod played ok, but he should be 2nd string. Shady showed that he is much better than any running back on our team. He should be the starter next week vs grambling. I want to know where was Conredge? Conredge is 10 times the fullback compared to Shane Brooks yet he didn't see the field as much. The WR's played decent. It isn't their fault that they have a mediocre quarterback passing to them. Nate Byham, we love you here at the Cat Basket and you played one hell of a game buddy, keep it up. Offensive line, good job tonight, just keep it going. Jeff Otah, another solid performance. To our favorite backup, Kevan Smith, you played very well in garbage time following Stull's hand injury. I would say that you played better than our starter. For next week, I wouldn't mind seeing Smith and Shady get moved to the starting role, and please please please let Bostick get some reps.

Defense......I don't want to steal Jason Jones thunder, but WHY THE HELL WAS AARON BERRY ON THE BENCH???? Ricky Gary had a pick and played a decent game, but c'mon Aaron is the most talented DB we have on this team right now and should be a starter. Please Wanny, give us some Aaron Berry outside of punt returns. Dline played very well, Ba Ba Booey (Gus Mustakas) played one hell of a game. The line backers played decent, but I don't get why Dorin didn't play more. He is a game breaker and I think he should be a starter. The DB's were good. I was disappointed that Thatcher didn't light anyone up, but hey, there are 11 games left.

A shout out for Jiovanni tonight. He played very well on special teams and I know his girlfriend who is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. Keep it up buddy.

Overall, i think the offense was OK starting in the 2nd half. It was really sad to see the struggles we had in the first half. We didn't really start moving the ball until Shady got in (HINT HINT HINT START SHADY!). The D Played a solid game and for a 1st game we weren't awful but we really need to step it up if we are going to be competitive. We have one more "practice" game before the real season starts and if we don't improve soon, then it might be another long season. Jason Jones will have a big rant coming up tomorrow, but we are going to make sure he cools off before he writes it so that we can keep it PG-13 here. out.


Elmo said...

aaron berry had an ankle injury

DPJ said...

That was information I was not privy to. I thought he was fine when he was back there returning punts, and wondered if he had gotten in trouble for something. But I guess "where the hoes at" only caught the attention of The Cat Basket.