Thursday, September 13, 2007

Predictions for MSU

Last week I got a couple things right and I hope that this will continue. This game is an unknown since neither team has been tested or has shown their true identity yet. Injuries have been the big story of the season for the Panthers. Grab ahold of something sturdy, the real season is about to start and its going to be a bumpy ride.

1. Shady will get a significant amount of carries even more than last week's 19 carries. He showed his brilliance last week and look for it to continue. I've said it again and again he is the engine for our rushing offense. Look for a couple of highlight reel runs and plays out of him this week. Also I would expect more swing passes and screens to him this week. The coaching staff apparently has adopted the plan of getting the ball to Shady early and often.
Stat line: 25 carries, 175 yards, 2 TD's with 3 catches 28 yards

2. The running defense is going to step up and answer the challenge. Michigan St. wants to run the ball and I have a feeling we will be able to stop them. The player I look for to have a big game is Scott McKillop at the middle linebacker position. Stacking players in the box will happen most of the game and those first level guys need to contain and get to the running back.

3. Nate Byham is going to have another great game. Our tight ends have been getting open continuously in the middle of the field. Kevan Smith needs to continue to look for Byham as a security valve. Hopefully, he has another big play in him this week, the passing game needs him.

4. The secondary will continue to play solid football. Tackling needs to be there this week against the run. I look for Thatcher to have a huge game coming up in the box and stuffing the run. Hopefully we will get to see how the corners handle being left alone on the oustside in man to man coverage.

So what do all my predictions lead to? I see this as a game that is well within our reach. Don't let the fact that we are firm underdogs fool you, we can win. Kevan Smith has to play within himself and manage the game. No turnovers on offense and creating turnovers on defense has to be the goal. This game is going to be a slug fest and we will know after Saturday where this season is going.

My prediction: Pitt 24 MSU 17


Anonymous said...

7 ypc for Shady? Damn I hope you are right but I don't see it against MSU. Shady could be the best back in the history of the game and maybe not get 7. I think both lines will be pushed off the ball, just like last year. They will pressure the crap out of our QB. Hope I'm wrong. Would be nice to finally win a game we aren't supposed to. At a minimum, I just hope we are competitive and give us something to hope for for this season.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, I hope we can be competitive and win but we are going to be lucky to cover the spread.

I see the d-line holding up, but our o-line is going to have its hands full and I think it is going to be a very long day for our entire offense.

MSU 28

Trust me, I want to see us win but I don't think we can do it, Bill Stull would have been our best chance to pull an upset at this point in the season.

Hopefully MSU falls apart and fumbles the game away, anything is possible but at home in front of 75,000 fans highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Shady was 25 carries for 172 were WAY off