Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Sky is Falling

Day 1 following the black eye of the 2007 football season and attitudes haven't changed. People are trying to find positives from this game, but guess what, there are none. Our #2 quarterback got hurt paving the way for the much needed Bostick era. The coaches really limited what he was able to do, so we still have no idea what he is or is not capable of doing. In his limited time, he made some very nice short passes and completed his first (of many) td pass as a Panther.

As of today, like I said, nothing positive has come from this loss. Now, if we look back on this game in february, something positive may have come from the game. This is the first game where Mustache Jones has lost the faith of the fans. When something like this happens, a change is put in place, and we all know what that change will be. Before the coach is gone they always allow him one more shot and that involves change.

We have found through our research that the Wannstedt administration is ripe for regime change.

Now i'm not saying fire Wannstedt, I still believe with his experience, recruiting ability, and commitment to winning that he can turn us into a winner. I just don't think that he has the right tools around him. For this change to work, the right people must be brought in. We certainly have some of the people involved, but we are missing some key components. Aubrey Hill, David Walker, Chris Ball, Bob Junko, and Brian Angelichio are the right guys for their respective jobs. The others, well.....they are replaceable.

One of Wanny's biggest downfalls is his determination to bring the nfl style of football to the college game. This will not work and needs to be changed immediately. Our conservative offense and defensive schemes can be adjusted around the talent we have now. On offense, Shady and Hot Rod make up a dangerous 1, 2 punch and Collins and Brooks are excellent fullbacks. The Wr's are not the best we have seen, but they are certainly capable of producing. Porter, Aundre Wright, and McGee are being under utilized. I understand about holding back Wright since hes a freshman but I think that Ced and TJ could be built into an offense that would be more effective. Turner and Pestano are exactly what they are. They are good enough to have earned starting jobs, but aren't quite as dynamic as the other 3.

The same goes for our tight ends. Nate is a great tight end and we need to figure out do we want him be a blocker or a pass catching tight end. Our line limits what he can do since we need him in as an extra blocker, but holding back opportunities for him to catch the ball eliminates a huge threat our offense could possess.

Our line, well I'm not sure what more we can do here. Otah and CJ Davis have their spots locked up. Vangas, Thomas, and McGlynn really have been disappointing this season. Struggling against MSU's dline is slightly more acceptable than being dismantled by a less talented UConn defense. Bachman played decent in the little time he was in there, so let him start at guard next week. Craig Bokor......Poor poor Craig. He really deserves a chance to play. He keeps getting moved back and forth and never gets a chance to see the field. My suggestion, The line should be Otah and Davis on the left side, split time between Vangas and McGlynn at center depending on who is playing better. Let Bachman start at right guard, and put Bokor in at right tackle. Would it really be that bad to try that out? I don't think it would be that big of a drop off. If you're against that, we still have Chase Clowser who if anything will give Bostick time in the pocket because it would take forever to run around him since he is so big.

The Dline is fine as is, keep it that way. The linebackers should feature more Dorin. McKillop has played decent, and I would like to see Nate Nix get some time, but he's been battling the injury bug, so we will have to wait it out.

The secondary will be better off with Elijah Fields out there, but we have to take what we are given. Ricky Gary has been a pleasant surprise this season. He didn't have his best game vs UConn, but how many Pitt players did? Aaron Berry hasn't lived up to what I personally hoped for from him this season. A few costly pass interference calls and not looking back for the ball on a few plays, including one touchdown, shows that since he is only a sophomore, he still has some areas to improve on. Kennard is streaky. When he is on, he is a great corner. When he is off, he looks pretty average. I have always rooted for Pitt ever since I met him on his recruiting trip a few years ago and I really hope he can get his game turned around. Other than that, we don't have many others that can take over at corner. Jovanni and Lowell are there in case we need them, but right now aren't ready to take any jobs away.

Thatcher and Phillips have been less than extraordinary. I would like to see Dom get some reps out there so that next year we are experience and ready to go with our two best safeties, Fields and DiCicco.

With those changes this year and next we can at least start to be respected again.

We have the talent, open up the offense and defense. Get aggressive. We need to have the mentality that we're not going to beat you, we will destroy you. Run more 4 wide sets, take advantage of Shady's amazing game breaking ability, BLITZ FOR GOD'S SAKE!

We are too predictable now and that must change. If it doesn't, then its going to be the Same Ole Panthers.

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