Monday, September 17, 2007

Enough is enough and it's time for a change

First off, let me say that to the people who created and are in the facebook group F*** Kevan Smith, you are disappointments to the university. Kevan is a Panther, and while we may think he should not be starting, I don't believe we should be attacking him like that. If you want to blame someone for a major screw up, then point your fingers at the coaches. Kevan did what he was told and did it to the best best of his ability. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm hoping for a change, but I will never attack a fellow Panther the way you have.

Now with that out of the way, we can focus our attention on what should be discussed.

What should be done about our Qb situation? Well the biggest factor in all of this is Jason Pinkston. Without him it doesn't really matter because as we saw with the MSU game, every time Jason was out of the lineup, the Spartan's 4 man rush was able to create too much pressure. Even with our without Pinkston we still need to figure out what to do with the Qb's.

So Cavanaugh and Wannstedt, LISTEN UP!!!!!

You have 2 quarterbacks who can lead this team to a 9-3 record right now. They are both on your bench and have a combined 1 pass attempt between them. It doesn't matter who you put in there, Bostick and Williams can lead this team until Stull is back. We all know Pat Bostick is highly decorated, so I'll save you all of the awards and stats that Pat has accumulated over his career. We also know that for some screwed up reason, the coaches don't want him to play. So, if you don't want him to play, I don't want to waste everyone's time making my case of why he should play since you aren't listening. Instead, this is my plea for Mo Williams to be our quarterback.

Mo Williams was a starting qb in high school. He had a few offers to play qb in college, albeit not from big schools. The fact that he did have some offers should be an indication he can play at this level. He also gives you more opportunities to be creative with your running game. In the 3rd quarter you weren't even letting Kevan Smith lineup under center. If you can't trust him to do that, why not let Williams in there to run the option? Williams can run atleast a 4.4 40. He can also throw a bit too. Imagine Shady coming in motion on the wildcat offense with Williams under center. You hand it off a few times and the opponent believes you will keep doing that. But then, OOPS POW SURPRISE! Mo throws a pass, and now the defense has no idea what to expect.

To everyone on the Panthers football staff. If you want to win, you will start Mo Williams (since you won't play bostick at all).

Get Well Soon Billy Stull. We really need you.


Reed said...

You make an incorrect assumption that the coaches "don't want to play Bostick at all". Try the fact that they "can't" play Bostick. It's always easy to point the finger at the coaches - but this falls squarely on Bostick's shoulders. He was the one that put himself behind the eight ball here, and regardless of the reason for that the coaching staff feels that he hasn't been a real option up to this point. They tried in the Grambling game, and from that small test felt it would be detrimental to Bostick and to the team to push him back on the field. Maybe down the road - even this weekend, but to infer that the coaching staff is somehow punishing Bostick by not playing him is irresponsible.

J Jones said...

Could Bostick play worse than Smith has at this point? The only thing I can think of that he do to be worse is not be able to take the snap. Smith has turned the ball over time and time again. He went an entire quarter without a passing yard. The kid is not ready for this at all and the coaching staff is forcing him to play when obviously can't.

If Bostick is so unprepared as you aer accepting from our coaching staff what about Mo Williams. Our coaching staff is so set on what they saw our team as in camp that the season is being put in jeopardy.

Watch on Saturday when the only thing we have on offense is sitting on the bench for the first play of the game. Why because the coaching decided in camp that LSH was the starter and they will be damned if they are proved wrong.

Our coaching staff is extremely stubborn and arrogant about player selection. There is examples of this all around the field. You have to live with the fact that merit and ability won't get you in the line-up. Bostick has gotten no chance because the coaches had in their head how this season was going to play out in camp.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting something about Owen Hart here