Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Half Time Talk

This is a one time only deal here at The Cat Basket. I'm going to talk about the halftime entertainment with the world famous Grambling St. band. They are well known for doing elaborate dancing and marching in their performance but more important to me is that they play hip hop songs. I'm the resident hip hop head in The Cat Basket so I will give the Grambling St. band a few suggestions on what current hip hop songs they should play for us at halftime.

Top five songs I'm hoping to see from them:

1. "Morris Brown" by Outkast. This is an obvious choice to me considering the marching band in the background. Despite the relative age of this song, came out last summer, I think this would be an interesting performance.

2. "International Players Anthem" by UGK feat. Outkast. This is the hip hop song of the summer in my eyes and I imagine the marching band doing the soul sample backing the song would be amazing. Plus it would allow me to rap Pimp C's verse to the crowd and offend everybody within 20 feet of me.

3. "Like This" by MIMS. A club banger that would be entertaining to watch a highly skilled marching band do. May or may not getting the booties shaking in the crowd. Although our student section doesn't strike me as the dancing kind. Prove me wrong guys and much more importantly girls.

4. "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. I watched the starting 5 of our basketball team on Louisa St. hop out of a car dancing to this song while I was at a party. Top 5 moment of my entire time here at Pitt. The Grambling St. band would also do the amazing dance that goes with this song. In no way could this be a bad thing. The Cat Basket would get crunk, I would make sure of it.

5. "Umbrella" by Rhianna. This song would definitely get the girls in the student section dancing and watching people in full marching band uniforms do the dance would also be great. Plus I once saw one of the hired dancers at Matrix do some of the worst dancing possible to this song. Great time all around.

I think everyone is looking forward to this 15 minutes of heaven getting to watch this awesome band. As long as Grambling St. gets either hyphy or crunk in the middle of Heinz Field I will be a happy man. I'll be back tommorrow with another column.

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