Saturday, September 29, 2007

DPJ's Rant

Ok, let me say this. 2 years ago, when i heard that Wanny removed his name from consideration I was very very happy. I felt that he was a poor nfl coach and would not be a good fit for the team. After a while, I started to buy into his "wall around PA" and "winning a championship".....Well after this game, we have the talent to be a successful team. What we do not have is the coaching staff to win. I am going to say this right now. Cavanaugh and Rhodes need to be fired right now. It wouldn't make a difference to move someone up or let Mustache Jones coach both sides of the ball.

Matt Cavanaugh - your shitty NFL style offense won't work here. The only reason you won a superbowl with Baltimore was because you had the best defense in the league (special thanks to Jermaine Lewis). You have been incompetent at your job since you were hired here. You can be a great quarterbacks coach, but offensive coordinator is not your specialty. You either need to be fired or step down. You helped Tyler become an NFL qb, but you did not help our offense. You are by far the worst offensive coordinator in the big east. The coaches I know say that you want to go back to the NFL game, well sir.... I say, have a good rest of your career in the nfl. You are not fit for the offensive coordinator job. Thank you for the national championship and for your loyalty to Pitt, but this is not a fit that is working here. It is time to move on with your life's work.

Paul Rhodes - Today, Wanny put you in a tough spot making you stop the very short drives for touchdowns. The defense has been looking better this year than it has in the past, but you need to be fired. Wannstedt won't let himself go down in flames, so you and Matt will be gone following this season. Your inability to design blitz plays has cost this team many games and has prevented us from stopping our opponents on 3rd down plays. You could have had the easiest job in the world. All you had to do was knock on the door of Dick LeBeau and ask him how to get the most of the defense, yet you did not do that. You had an opportunity to leave in 2002 and guess what buddy, you should have taken it. I understand how hard it is to coach Hayes, Harriott, Moore, Spencer, and Torrie Cox but hey you stayed loyal to Pitt and we have since regretted it. You are wasting so much talent on the defensive side of the ball. On 3rd downs we are only rushing 3 guys and letting the opposing quarterback rush for 30 yards. We are probably the worst 3rd down team in the entire NCAA on defense. I hope you are fired and find a nice new job somewhere else. I hope your replacement understands that in order to be successful you have to BLITZ AT LEAST ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coach Wannstedt, you will have the best team on paper in 2008, and you will have to bring in a new offensive and defensive coordinator to save your ass. If you keep Cavanaugh I hope you are fired on spot. If you want my advice, steal the coach staff from TCU. They are able to do much with very little talent. Don't be so stubborn. The college game is very different from the nfl.

I still think we are a better team than how we are performing, but I know that it is only the coaching that is holding us back.


I think we had about 3 attempts in the first half. All night they were mostly screens. The one time you did let him throw deep he hit Turner near the goal line. Bostick is the best quarterback you have ever had in your head coaching career Wannstedt, let him play the way he knows how.

I'm gonna sit here with Jason Jones and come up with ways to improve this team while watching some music on demand and call my hoopie girlfriend.

Fix your shit Wannstedt, I mean really, it's only your Million Dollar+ job that is on the line.

~ The One and Only ~

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