Thursday, September 27, 2007

UVA-Pitt Predictions

Well I'll its time for the controversy to begin again. Hopefully, I won't state the painfully obvious and get everybody riled up. This game is going to give us a glimpse into our future with Bostick and Shady finally getting the starting jobs. At 2-2 this season is at a complete crossroads and this coaching staff is in the same position. We are not favored to win this game which means by the usual Moustache Jones standards this will be a loss. I have absolutely no idea how this team will come out and play, all my predictions are a complete guess.

1. The number 1 space is all about the number 1 guy in the program, Shady. I won't go over what happened last game for the 20th time but that will not happen again. I would expect the first two series of the game Shady will get over 5 carries. The coaching staff has taken so much heat over their mis-management of the running back situation. I expect a fairly big game for Shady because he will be looking to lock in his starting position.
Stat Line: 29 carries, 165 yds, 1 TD

2. I think Pat Bostick will play significantly better than he has in his limited time this season. I expect him to come out and show why he was a highly rated player coming out of high school last year. This is all contingent on the offense line not getting him killed by the skilled UVA defensive line. After this game I think there will be a bit of a situation developing, do we keep Bostick in or do we go back to Bill Stull when healthy?
Stat Line: 18 for 30, 200 yards, 2 TD's

3. I have absolute no idea what the offense or defense, outside the defensive line, are going to do. I'm expecting that Bostick's ability to accurately throw the ball will mean a increase in production from the wide receivers, but who knows. The group has looked sloppy and lazy all year, hopefully the ball in put in the hands of the tight-ends who have played well whenever given the chance this year. I hope the secondary starts to play up to their talent but again who knows. Perhaps, the real Aaron Berry will show up at UVA and make some plays but nothing from this year has indicated this will happen. The linebackers need to have a big game to keep the UVA attack from getting big plays.

I'm not as optimistic as DPJ about this season. Finally, giving Bostick his chance to start is going to benefit us down the road. Shady is Shady so unless we decide to sandbag him again he will get his numbers. The offensive line can't play any worse but I say that every week and they some how prove me wrong, there needs to be some sort of improvement here. Defensively, we need some sort of improvement the UConn game can't be a indicator of future play.

Pitt 24 UVA 31. Please let me be wrong.


DPJ said...

About the oline.

We could always lose Otah or Davis, or both to injury.

Or maybe they'll decide to suck too. It's all question marks.

Anonymous said...

I could believe Bostick could get those kind of stats if he could get any protection at all.....but he won't get protection, as we all painfully know. I hope the oline at least gives him a chance.