Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pitt-UConn Predictions

Well the best column on the site is back again. Last week I almost got Shady's rushing yards and carries exactly right. The defensive line played the best game they have in years. What is bouncing around my Rainman-like brain this week?

1. I'll start off with the usual guess of Shady's rushing attempts, yards, and TD's. This week is going to be a little tougher because our genius coaching staff may start Hot Rod. Shady is definitely still going to get his carries but he won't be the only person on the offense touching the ball for a quarter like last week. His numbers may suffer a little bit this week with the carries being spread between two backs, not equally of course.
Stat Line for Shady: 21 carries, 155 yds, 2 TD's

2. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the passing game gets it shit together Saturday. Now don't expect any big statistical improvement or multiple touchdowns or anything. I'm talking we might get a third down. Our line is going to have to keep Smith upright, which probably won't happen, but I don't think we can get any worse. Oh and Bostick won't see the field until the 4th quarter take that one to the bank.

3. We will not see the Wildcat offense once. Our coaching staff doesn't want to run this type of offense and despite its effectiveness against MSU it's going back in the play book. Hopefully, things won't get so bad with the QB that we need to see another play ran for a quarter like last week.

4. Our defensive line is going to continue to get pressure on the quarterback and create sacks. Last week the D-Line controlled the veteran MSU line and that shows me these guys are for real. I think we get another 3 or 4 sacks with a turnover caused by the pressure.

5. The receivers will have a comeback game this week. All of them, save Strong, had bad games and made mistakes last week. I look for Turner to show his talent this week with a big touchdown. These guys have too much talent to be the non-factor that they were last week.

I think we are really heading in the right direction. The problems with the offense are well documented and need to get better this game. Shady can probably win this game by himself on the offensive side but it would be nice if he didn't have to. Do me a favor and when LSH starts don't hold back, boo like crazy and chant for Shady. I know this is isn't the best fan behavior but when something so ridiculous happens let your voice be heard. Shady earned his job by absolutely carrying our team on the road last week. Just give him what is rightfully his Coach Wannstedt.

Final Score: UConn 7 Pitt 28

*EDIT* I'm not telling anybody to boo LSH personally, the guy has done a great job for us the past two years. If you read what I'm saying is boo the decision and chant for Shady. I got no ill will towards LSH at all and he is going to be a great back-up for Shady. I just don't think there is any reason to keep the facade of starting him, when Shady is going to get the majority of carries on Saturday. I like LSH and don't point at me like I'm a guy trying to undermine players on our team. My anger toward this decision has nothing to do with the player but the idea of the move. THE BOO"S ABOUT THE DECISION NOT THE PLAYER, READ THIS VERY CLEARLY.


Maximis said...

I thought it was called the Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Maximis i guess its a pitt thing, why would you boo a kid who is trying his best?

Usually a player doesn't lose his job because of injury, have you ever played a sport or have any fundamental understanding regarding the game of football?

McCoy will get the carries. I have been going to Pitt games since 1965 and have seen it all, I am very disappointed in your behavior and this blog.

Best of luck you just lost a loyal reader.

J Jones said...

I'm not fucking booing him, Hot Rod has done a great job here. The boos are directed at the coaches. Did I tell anybody to boo directly at LSH, just chant for Shady. Its just a message to send to the coaches not the player.

Don't read if you don't like what I have to say. I honestly don't care we aren't writing a mainstream Pitt blog this is just our opinions.

DPJ might not even agree with me but thats beautiful thing about opinions I can have mine and you have yours.

DPJ said...

Jason you're on your own this time. I'm not going to boo. You see very angry and upset today. I thought things were going good.

Anonymous said...

How can you call yourself a fan if you will be booing the team?

You are a poor fan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, why all of the hate?

studzy said...

jason, i personally feel that booing is a bad idea. too many people will think we are booing therod. to anonymous, i know this kid. he is one of the strongest fans pitt has right now, in all major sports. i cannot say i expect fans to cheer when the coaching staff makes poor in-game decisions, which he is well-known for. seeing jason's face during said decisions is heartbreaking, and i can think of very few people who care about pitt athletics more than the people of this blog. i dont like booing, but chants like "We want shady" will get the point across very well.

DPJ said...

I think the major point to understand is that Jason is very passionate about getting shady as many carries as early as possible. Jason just seems frustrated with some of the choices of the coaching staff. While I don't agree that booing is the way to go, a we want shady chant is much more appropriate.

I will support whomever is playing for pitt. I think maybe a we want bostick chant might be more important.

studzy said...

but but but but... we lost a loyal reader! how did these people find this spot anyway?

DPJ said...

Hmm.....everyone was bitching at Jason Jones for saying it was crazy that we weren't starting Shady.

A few days later, now everyone is agreeing with him and no one is giving him credit.