Saturday, September 29, 2007

Live Blog: UVA vs Pitt

Since this is first game DPJ and I aren't at this year I thought we try a little of the live blogging that kids are talking about. Tonights game is going to let us know what we have this season and for the future. Due to Comcast being a great internet provider (FU ESPNU) The Cat Basket will be listening to the great Bill Hillgrove on the radio while playing a 4 year old baseball game on the Gamecube. This could either be the best idea ever or I will say something that causes our loyal readership to completely abandon us.

3:38 PM: We are under 4 hours to the kickoff and I'm doing what every Pitt fan should be doing right now, drinking Natty Light and watching a complex British sitcom. DPJ is napping like the South Oakland wussbag that he is. Do me a favor Cat Basket and go to BBC on Demand and watch one episode of Coupling you will enjoy it. Back in an hour to update whats going on in the dirty dirty.

4:42 PM: You've got DPJ! Jason Jones is on beer 7 or 8 at this point and I'm gonna tell you how I really feel. I just want to go up to the mountains and sing the songs I want to sing but I can't do that. So, after a few good Nickelback video's, Traitor DPJ is gonna give you some thoughts about today. I'm feeling really good. Not just about this game, but about life in general. I really think we can get our shit fixed and make this a good game. Hopefully the team comes fired up and shuts down the Fighting James Farrior's. We all know that we think Nate needs to be more involved for this team to win, but for us to win this weak and throughout the year Mr. Pestano needs to come up big time. A few quick passes to Pestano could give Bostick a go to guy and help out the running game. I'm going to go back and watch MSU beat Wisconsin and we'll be back with another update soon.

5:45 PM: Outkast is the greatest band in the history of recorded music. Jones back for the update on whats up tonight. It has basically degenerated into me trying to get DPJ down on every Outkast song on the youtubes, babies. Under an hour and thirty until kickoff, DPJ is being way too optimistic about tonight. I'm very glad about the fact that every rival has fell today and last night was like Christmas for me watching WVU lose. Cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin' a milkshake in a snowstorm.

6:56 PM: DPJ is back and my house is starting to look like Hillgrove's on an off night. Wings and empty beer cans downed by J. Jones. As Jones said, all of our rivals lost tonight and the hoopies fell yesterday which put me in an awkward spot (jason will explain later). My radio is kinda full of static at the moment so we gotta fix that. Hillgrove is saying how Rhodes isn't blaming himself for the defensive problems.......i guess the last few years weren't his fault either. Eh, doesn't matter. I think we're going to win. Until the next Jason Jones update. LETS GO PITT!

7:06 PM: Are we seriously trying to lose this game already? Onside kick Moustache Jones on the opening kickoff. This is terrible, apparently an onside kick doesn't work. Looks like a TD this drive. Thanks coach who isn't in over his head.

7:10 PM: Hey I got an awesome idea let's give them awesome field position. Great job Tommie Duhart on the blocked extra point. Our coach is doing an awesome job. I'm excited.

7:20 PM: Hey secondary, this is DPJ. I have a request, please wake up and start playing some defense. You can't be that bad can you? I understand you're not as good as Revis, but don't fall down. Its 13-0 right now. I'll give you a break on the first drive, that was Mustache Jones' fault for that idiot onsides attempt.................. This is ridiculous. We need to make something happen on this drive. PAT BOSTICK, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

7:24 PM: Jones back in your spot. Do you realize what this coaching staff has relegated us to? We are getting dominated by a team that is barely passable in their conference and we play in a much better conference. Wannstedt is doing a great job, you make me embarrassed to be a Pitt fan I'm glad you rode on Dorsett coattails and won a national title. This makes me sick really really sick, I love this school and you have turned us into an embarrassment.

7:31 PM: Well 7:31 is my favorite number (thats the day i was born) but nothing happy to post here. We are down 20-0, UVA just returned a punt back a long ways, the offense loves penalties, the defense is lost, and after this drive the game will be over. I laughed at the obituary spoof that Panther Rants had last week, but they're right. This coaching staff has took GREAT recruits and have turned us into a joke. Cavanaugh has never been able to coach an offense, Wannstedt has set us back. Think about this, we said that WLAT left the cupboard bare and Wanny would save us. Well, Wanny stocked the cupboard but guess what, HE CAN"T COOK IN THIS KITCHEN! I hope he takes the AD Job before the 2nd quarter begins and we start the coaching search. Call up Bo Pelini, Sal Sunseri, Tony D, who gives a shit, get a pitt guy in here who can win. Bring back Wlat, would would have thought that. I swear Wlat, we wont rat on you about your love of secretaries. This is awful. I'm going to listen to the rest of this game, playing some MVP baseball with Jason Jones and just be happy on the inside that my girlfriend is a WVU grad and at least together we have something in the college football world that can win some games. Jamie Dixon, thank you for being a great coach. Lets find ourselves a new coaching staff.

7:49 PM: This is not even funny now. I don't know how Hillgrove and Fralic can get through this on the radio. Our team and coaching staff is embarrassing our University, seriously this is what we accept. Lets flash back to 1995 but guess what that team had nothing. We got our pick of the WPIAL and we have nothing, nothing at all. This makes me so sad that you guys have let us get to this point. 9 national titles and every smart coach in the Big East has been a able to turn it around. You embarrass me Wannstedt and Cavanaugh no way you give a shit about this school or else you wouldn't do this to us.

8:10 PM: You know whats great the fact that without letting Bostick getting a shot we are doing the Wildcat. Shady thanks for coming to our school but man you made the wrong choice. Again coaching staff you wouldn't let us get to this point if you cared. Really Cavanaugh, you played with Tony D, and you let us get to this point. Virginia is a bad ACC program and you guys are getting housed by a second rate conference and a second rate team from said conference. Thanks for making me feel like shit to go to Pitt guys good job.

9:15 PM: How great is this, huh? These are the glory days of our school. DPJ convinced me to do something extremely bad. Also Hillgrove do me a favor and get drunker in the booth, can't tell the difference between a guy who is well over six foot tall and a guy who is 5'8 tops. Pat Bostick is showing up big time right now.

p.s. Phillips just got called for pass interference. Enough of this crap, but Dom Dicicco in. This is a joke.


Anonymous said...

Why does everyone consider alcoholism a "bad" thing. I mean, how else would I get through this crap. How does Hillgrove and the other guy do it? Maybe they have some H or something in the booth.

studzy said...

at least we made shady our go-to guy. bet he's regretting that choice about miami. we're glad to have you TheSean. TheRod is a great backup to up. please dear god in heaven stay in pitt one more year. by then we might have a new coach.