Tuesday, September 18, 2007

O-Line Problems

If anybody wants to find the core reason Kevan Smith is playing so badly look no further than the offensive line. Against Michigan St. our pass blocking, especially after Jason Pinkston went down, was completely none existent. On the final drive in the 4th quarter Smith was sacked twice both times he was completely sold out by the right side of the line. Mike McGlynn can't play tackle at all, his pass blocking is a liability. Chris Vangas needs to stop the mistakes or get benched, he did a good job of costing us the game too. If we are to protect the ball this week the line can't let the other team get so much pressure on Smith.

I feel that this situation would have been much better if we didn't lose Chris Jacobson to a blown out knee in training camp. He was slotted in to play guard but was a highly recruited tackle in high school. Anybody would be a upgrade over McGlynn at tackle so I think this injury has caused more damage than even the loss of Gus.

Smith shouldn't really in any circumstance be our starting quarterback but our line allowing him to get plastered pretty much every time he drops back isn't helping. Somebody on our coaching staff (Buddy Morris I'm looking at you) needs to get into the collective asses of our offensive line and light a fire. Letting weak side defensive ends blow by you every single play is unacceptable, offside penalties are unacceptable, and getting stupid red zone penalties is unacceptable. This group needs to show that they want to win the game. Shady is getting his yards no matter what you guys do but you can't allow our quarterback situation to get any worse. Since Coach Wannstedt insists that we have to run the west coast offense the line won't get any respite.

I really hope Jason Pinkston can play on Saturday if not look for Smith hitting his back over 5 times.


DPJ said...

I've been told, don't know how credible it is though (not from coaches), that Pinkston will be out this week and possibly against UVa

J Jones said...

Great looks like 6 or 7 sacks on Smith. I hope he doesn't fumble but when your getting blindsided its hard not to. This is horrible news.

J Jones said...

Also we have the worst sports writers in the world in this city. Our O-Line is bad, thanks for bringing that up every paper today. Pinkston's kinda important could have fooled me.

I'll work for like minimum wage if I could get press passes to events, I'd even start dressing ridiculously.

DPJ said...

Probably wasn't the best idea that Dunn let Pinkston play hurt.

Anonymous said...

morons, mcglynn didn't give up any sacks, pinkston gave up 3.