Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thanks For Ruining Our Program (Part 1 of Let's Get Moustache Jones Fired)

So at 2-3 with every piece of talent we could ever want, we should re-up our coach who has sent us down the shitter. This is the lowest point in Pitt Football ever, don't say Pitt Athletics because we got 2 top 25 programs at this school. Hey is the WPIAL not enough because Johnny Majors won without the talent you had. If we make inroads into Florida or Texas you can ruin 5 star recruits from around the country.

Honestly, do you guys really give a shit about this school at all. I mean I know you both went here but its because you got free scholarships. Do we have any profile over IUP or Grove City to you guys, because I love this school like you guys love your overpriced contracts? You realize every game you keep half-ass coaching you have fans like me that want to leave early and stop supporting our team. Keep being smug and lazy because I love having a top-25 recruiting class blown every year. This is kinda funny like maybe we can find more Western PA recruits to ruin. Hey look at me I'm Kevin Collier I was an awesome running back who can't get on the field because LSH had a good game once.

This is awesome can we somehow keep this going for the next 10-15 years, what a great job your doing. Tony D called and he said guys should take off your national title rings especially you Matt because he carried your ass all year in 1976.

Edit at 1:00 am.
I've read this for the fourth time and this still sounds completely reasonable, if we had coaches that cared they wouldn't put us in this position. I hope you enjoy your 2.5 million you are stealing from this school. I'm glad Nordenberg loves you because 2008 is going to be more of the same greatness, I hope you can find a way to make us go 0-12. Coach Wannstedt I'm talking about you and your offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh. I'm ashamed of myself for helping get Shady to come to Pitt. I wish I could go back in time to that Gameday last year against UConn, in basketball a game we won because Jamie Dixon gives a shit about this school, and not cheer. I know we have influential readers and take this as coming as nothing but me, DPJ is out of my comments completely, I am embarrassed and ashamed. Instead of using the school we all love as a launching pad to a pro career that doesn't exist give us seven weeks of your life. Try next week guys seriously give us one week where you give a shit but again I'm talking to myself because I'm stupid. Of course a coaching staff full of Pitt guys wouldn't do this to us oh wait they have and they will keep doing this until we all speak up.

My mission for the rest of the year is to get our entire coaching staff fired, we shouldn't be in this position. Our coaching staff doesn't care and why should you? Well you should care because when all of our shitty coaching staff is out of football and sitting at home we will still be Pitt fans.

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