Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Salvaging the Season (UVA Edition)

The last couple of days has been a pretty bad time to be a Panther fan. Nothing appears to be going well and this season looks to be completely lost. 2-2 is a terrible situation to be in but we can still have a positive last 8 games, if some things turn around. I'm going to focus on each game for the rest of the season and what the team needs to do.

This is a pretty good situation for Bostick to get his first start. On the road, at 2-2, everybody will be picking against us. All in all this is a no pressure situation for him, he isn't replacing a quarterback that had success. What Bostick needs to do is get the passing game going in some way. He has already thrown his first touchdown pass and he needs to get at least one or 2 more on the road.

Shady will get a chance to get his carries back after the debacle on Saturday. Moustache Jones isn't arrogant enough to keep him under 20 carries again this game. Plus, having his carries stolen from him is going to give Shady a bit of a chip on his shoulder. UVA is going to focus all their defense on him but I see this being another chance for Shady to show the ESPN audience what he can do.

Our offensive line has to find the right combination to go from atrocious to just below average. If they can give Bostick some time we may began to have success in the passing game. Keep a tight-end back to block or use Brooks and Collins. This group can't get any worse so I think its logical to see some improvement.

GET THE BALL TO NATE BYHAM. We here at The Cat Basket will keep harping on this, give the kid his chance to make plays. Our wide receivers are playing very badly and Nate has made plays every time he has touched the ball. So why not design some plays to get him into the game early and often.

Defensively the line needs to keep up what they are doing. This along with the punting unit has been some of the bright spots this year. Keep it up defensive line.

The linebackers are playing well in spots but I wouldn't mind seeing a blitz with Dorin or Murray. This is the one group where we actually have some speed why not use some of it to create pressure on the quarterback. Scott McKillop has been, in my opinion, the best player on the defense not on the defensive line.

Secondary wake the hell up and play up to the level you can. Cox has been way to inconsistent for how much experience he has. Aaron Berry hasn't lived up to one ounce of the hype he had on him, his play has been downright bad and is hurting our defense. Ricky Gary has been good in spots but he needs to play better. I completely agree with DPJ about Mike Phillips if he continues to whiff on tackles put in Dom DiCicco and get him so experience. Thatcher needs to play like he did before the injury last year.

Special teams are perfectly fine they need to keep up the same level of play.

I don't think we need to win at UVA to get us moving in the right direction. What needs to happen is the coaching staff needs to play this game like we want to win. Give Bostick a chance to make plays in the air, let Shady get as many carries as possible, find the right setup for the offensive line to be successful, and get the ball in our playmaker's hands. The defense needs to have a big game this weekend and create some havoc.

Just a suggestion and I know it won't happen how about playing Aundre Wright and Mo Williams at wide receiver this week maybe they actually want the ball in their hands.

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