Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pitt fans upset me

Well, i used the word upset instead of just swearing like I want to. Anyways, I was frequenting the pantherlairs babies just to see what people were saying following the nuclear fallout that is the pitt football season and I see a nice big thread about the inspiration for Cat Basket, Pat Bostick. My complaint comes in here, he has a very easy name to read, write, and pronounce. Since that is all true, why the hell can't you people spell his name. I get so sick and tired of seeing his name spelled BOSTIC. THERE IS A K IN THERE PEOPLE! If you're a Pitt fan you would be able to spell his name. I bet you can spell Roethlisberger, but you can't spell Bostick.

So true Pitt fans, if you want to see a coaching change, you want to bring back the script, you want an on campus stadium, well then please start spelling our starting Qb's name correctly, it's not that hard.

~ The One and Only ~

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stuffedred said...

I could not say it any better. Pitt fans, me included, love to complain because so many things are wrong with the way higer-ups handle everything. Just as people who choose not to vote have no right to complain about political issues, Pitt fans who are too ignorant and don't care about the school but complain just because they can have no right to say anything. I would love to go up to every fan that leaves a game early (including basketball, because tons of people do that too) and tell them they no longer have the right to say anything negative about Pitt Athletics. One good thing to come out of our losing ways is that it gives the real Pitt fans a chance to be recognized. The fake fans will hopefully go away.

One more thing - I read this blog almost every day. The first entry I read was about "the real Pitt fans." Whatever I'm thinking you guys seem to write, so thanks for airing my grievances for me.

Hail to Pitt