Monday, September 24, 2007

What Can Be Done

Well two days later and I'm still mad and confused about the coaching of the game against UConn. So many questions have gone through my mind; Why did Shady get 11 carries, Why did LSH start, Why did Kevan Smith get so much time, and Why wasn't the offensive line changed in the first half. Anyway you look at it our offense is in shambles but on the other hand we have the best weapon we have had in 4 years. This is an extremely odd dichotomy which shows the ineptitude of our offensive coaching staff.

I thought I would give a couple ideas on how to get our offense moving in the right direction:

1. Shady needs to average 25 carries a game. At no point should he be under 15 carries like he was against UConn. How about to share the load in the running game we institute a ratio of Shady carries to LSH carries of 4:1. Shady is the only player on our team that can produce regardless of the offensive line play, he makes his own plays. Hey diddle diddle Shady up the middle (and to the outside) needs to be our new motto.

2. Get Nate Byham involved in the passing game. With Bostick at the helm I'm assuming that we will be able to throw the ball more. Design plays to our biggest playmaker through the air Byham, perhaps short out routes so he can catch the ball and turn it up field. How about getting Nate up against the safety down the middle of the field. Byham is a big-time player who is being completely under-utilized.

3. Find a way to help of the right side of the line. Sacks are leaking through that side of the line and for Bostick to be successful he needs some semblance of time in the pocket. Maybe use Pelusi as a max protect tight end or have Collins chip the end to slow up the rush.

4. Use variety in the play-calling. This is the most important thing for the game this week. Bostick memorized the playbook back in May so you can unveil the entire offense for him. Take the hand-cuffs off the quarterback and let him sling the ball around. Playing conservatively has lost two in a row for us so lets go down fighting.

These are just a few ideas for Coach Cavanaugh and his staff. Our offensive problems have a great deal to do with our offensive line but creativity can take the pressure off this unit. Establishing Shady will force the defense to commit to the run and Bostick will have space to hit the open receivers. I'm just hoping we come out with a performance on Saturday that has some sort of fire and passion. Shady needs the ball in his hands as much as humanly possible.

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DPJ said...

We really need a TE and FB in on every play to help out the right side on blocking. Pelusi, Strong, Collins, and Brooks should practice blocking on the right side all of this week while Nate should be getting reps on nothing but passing routes.

If the OLine sucks again, don't hesitate to put in Bachman, Clowser, Bokor, Williams, or Corson.

Those guys earned scholarships for a reason, play them

The first time Mike Phillips tries one of those arm tackles, put in Dicicco.

Let Bostick air one out to Moe Williams.

Hot Rod should only be used in plays featuring sweeps, draws, and screens.

Let Bostick use the shot gun more often.

Use 2 back sets with Shady and Hot Rod, then split shady out as a WR for a mismatch and for some much needed creativity.

Let me add a few plays into the playbook.

Thats all i got.