Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Personal Issues

This is the saying that everybody keeps pushing out when talking about Pat Bostick and why he hasn't been given the chance to take the starting job. Every article mentions that week that he left training camp like he some how broke down and now can't be a Division I quarterback. The guy had a problem which hasn't yet came out in the media and I hope it doesn't. Since that week off Bostick has gone nowhere and put his head down and went to work. That week off couldn't have put Bostick that far behind in terms of time with the team. Coach Wannstedt has been quoted every week in saying that Bostick has been given a chance in practice to win the job, I personally think this is a lie in order placate the loud disapproval of the way Coach Wannstedt has handled this situation.

So can everybody do me a favor and next time they tell me why Bostick isn't getting playing time don't mention about his personal issues. Its a ridiculous argument at this point and lets focus more on what the situation is in practice and regards to the coaching staff's plans for him. Today again in the Post Gazette Wannstedt is quoted as saying the Bostick and Smith will get equal time in practice *wink,wink*. Perhaps, this week the competition is real but we all know its not and I'm staying on the Mo Williams train.

If You Believe This I Got A Bridge To Sell You

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