Sunday, September 9, 2007

Random Post Game thoughts

Please excuse me while I Pop, Lock and Drop it like the Grambling band. So, how about that Shady guy, he's pretty good isn't he? Thank you Oakland Zoo for making his trip special, our team needed him. I will say this, if we do not have Shady this year, this team would be 5-7. Shady can make great plays and really forces the opposing team to change their gameplan knowing he is in the lineup. He is the impact player we have looking for since Larry left us not so long ago.

One other aspect about Shady is that he really helps out our quarterback situation. Kevan Smith had some pretty impressive numbers yesterday going 15 for 22. He is basically in the same situation another young quarterback in Pittsburgh found himself in 2004. All that quarterback did was hand the ball off, make passes when he had to, and led the team very far. Now i'm not saying that Kevan Smith is Ben Roethlisberger (sorry for the steeler reference, but it makes my point) but Kean is in the same situation. He had a couple of nice passes, most notably a couple to our high flyer Big Nate Byham. Kevan also did show some flaws, he made some poor passes on a couple of screens and out routes, but this being his first game, we can look past it. If he wants to be a D1 qb, he needs to make those passes 99% of the time or it really limits our chances of winning.

Ba Ba Booey (Gus Mus, new nickname perhaps?) was playing the best game of any Dlineman I have ever seen play at Pitt until he got hit with the leg injury. Right now it doesn't look good, but whatever the outcome is, I hope Gus gets healthy first and foremost. If he has to miss the rest of the season, it will be a huge blow for the team. These 2 games that Gus has been in really showed that he is our best Dlineman and should be the anchor for this defense.\

Pat Bostick..............Ugh..........We were so happy to see him get a chance to play. After the fumble, the 30 students in the student section who knows who he is were calling for him to enter the game. He probably would have gotten in the game earlier, but Pitt's starting field position in the 4th quarter was terrible. When the team got to the 20 yard line, we saw him enter the game. Now here is the problem I have. Everyone who reads and posts on Pantherlair or Scout will probably use the excuse, that Bostick (or Bostic for the idiots who misspell his name) threw an int on his first pass and shouldn't see the field again. The kid is a young quarterback who is still learning. Many people are using the logic that Smith needs time to grow, but they will not say the same thing for Pat. Smith played well enough that he should be the starter next week vs. MSU. MSU should also know that they're going to get a healthy dose of Shady next week. We will see MSU lining 8 or 9 guys in the box to effectively shut Shady down. Now if Kevan can't take advantage of the single coverage on the Wr's and TE's, we must use Bostick. Kevan didn't disappoint me yesterday, but he wasn't overly impressive. This team just needs someone who can avoid the mistakes and let the D and running game seal the victories. This does sound like it's pro-Bostick, but I want every Cat Basket reader to know that I will support whoever Coach Wannstedt chooses to play. I support Pitt first and foremost and while I have opinions on who should play, I will always cheer for the good guys wearing the blue and gold.

The Cat Basket will be at MSU next week, so keep your eyes open for the sign. Hopefully we pull out a nice road win vs. the Big preTENd.

~ The One and Only ~


Anonymous said...

What is the word on Gus? I havn't heard anything.

Man, losing him really, really sucks.

Cat Basket said...

I spoke with a coach today. Gus tore his ACL and will be out for the year. He will apply for a medical redshirt and hopefully he gets it. This could be the biggest injury of the year.

Anonymous said...

God hates us

Anonymous said...

God has nothing to do with it, injuries are part of the game.

dennis said...

Nice job with the blog guys...I'll be looking out for the sign up at MSU next week.

-Dennis from Pitt Blather

Reed said...

Your insane if you think the coaching staff will pull Smith and replace him with Bostick for anything less than an injury that forces Smith out.

Bostick has shown the staff zero in the way of being able to handle the duties of a D1 QB so far. That's not to say his future isn't bright, but this year will be strictly mop up duty for him.

DPJ said...

I really don't expect to see Bostick play again this season unless we are up big, or down big, near the end of the game. The coaches really value experience, and that is what won Stull the job, and what allowed Smith to take over. It is what allowed LSH to remain the starter over Shady.

While I agree with you on your post, say Pitt and MSU are in a defensive struggle with the score 0-0 or close to it. If Smith were to have a few bad series (poor incomplete passes, ints, or other bad play) would you find it acceptable for Pat Bostick to play a series to see if he could get the offense going?

That situation is the only way I could see bostick getting into the game during the first 3 quarters.