Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sound familiar?

Just like any good Pitt fan, I like to read up on the opponent before we play. This "fan scouting" consists of looking at stats, projected lineups, and other on the field stuff. I also like to read the opponent's message boards. Today I was reading and came across this dandy.

"Game of the year" "Attendance of 33,000" "Program on the rise"

Sure sounds like the way we spoke last week doesn't it? Uconn is a desperate team looking to prove something. They embarrassed us last year on the road and made our defense look completely incompetent.

We can't let this game become a trap game. We are 9 point favorites and we need to win by more than 9 points to prove a point. No matter how they did it, UConn is still 3-0 and beating any D1 3-0 team is an accomplishment. We dropped over 10 spots in last weeks's poll despite playing a solid game. If we play a superb game this week, we won't move up that much, but if we lose, all hell will break loose.

I don't think we will lose, I actually think we could run the ball every single down and still win. Lets just not take things for granted. This years panther team is very talented and we need to prove it to everyone.

p.s. I hope DJ Hernandez runs a route over the middle and Eric Thatcher sticks him.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, we will win this game, Pitt 24 UCONN 7