Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's Go Pitt Huh?

DPJ did a great job last night putting the despair of being a Pitt fan right now into context. This is just a tiny preview of what I'm going to do all week. There is no reason for us to be in this situation right now with our level of talent.

Coach Wannstedt makes me embarrassed to be a fan of the Panthers and to go to games. His game management and player selection is so bad, I long for the days of Walt Harris. If he couldn't recruit so well I would say fire him now but....The way he wasted the only option we have on offense last night is criminal. I know I'm the most hated guy in the world because of my opinions but how great did Hot Rod play last night, I mean really. To waste Shady the way you did Coach Wannstedt, seriously, should put your position as head coach in jeopardy. I think your an awful coach and you make me feel ashamed to be a fan. I sincerely hope Chancellor Nordenberg wakes up and fires you, I don't think you could possibly do a worse job. Thanks for ruining a talented team Moustache Jones.

Quick preview of my thoughts on the players yesterday. Joe Thomas played the worst game of football I have ever seen in my entire life last night. Mike McGlynn might be the shittiest tackle I've ever seen in my life as well. The right side of the line couldn't have played any worse, you guys got both our quarterbacks killed last night. Jason Pinkston needs to recover as fast as humanly possible if we want to keep Bostick alive.

This season is pretty much gone, not because of the 2-2 record, because our coaching staff has shown themselves to be completely incompetent. Oh and we had a great student section last night guess what some of those kids are never coming back with that performance. Way to show off in front of the recruits too Wanny, I hope Hubie Graham likes playing for UCLA because he sure as hell isn't playing for you.

Main idea is that we need a completely new coaching staff, WaHa got us winning seasons with nothing and Wanny can't win a game with a team loaded with talent. Hey but do me a favor and keep playing Hot Rod so Shady isn't touching the ball enough. I'm absolutely sick of thinking about this.


Studzy said...

i think the most depressing thing, other than the obvious waste of pure high level talent is what we showcased to the most packed game i've seen since we played the irish, and maybe some WVU games. jason is right. those kids that left before the half, a good 15% of the crowd, will never show up again. those that left during the 3rd quarter wont be back for the rest of the year unless wannstache shaves his ego, and thats almost 75% of the ORIGINAL crowd. so let me do the math... wanny lost 90% of one of the best crowds for this profile of a game BEFORE the final quarter started because he would refuse to take out the dumptruck(kevin smith reference to kevan).
some positives: pat bostick showed a few signs of greatness. he threw off tackles, showed mobility, and good decision making... which is very good because he shouldnt fallow wanny's and cavenaugh's plays.
with bostick, shady, byham, collins, kinder, and wright next year, we have several weapons with which we can dominate. but that o-line... oy vey. step ya game up, ya schmucks

Anonymous said...

you sir are a complete moron. mcglynn did struggle last night but he's far from 100%. pinkston gave up 3 sacks last week mcglynn gave up one yesterday. how come every scouting service has mcglynn as a solid 1st day pick next spring ? moron...

DPJ said...

Pinkston was playing with a bum shoulder. Did you even watch the game last night? McGlynn is no where close to being as good as Pinkston.

It doesn't matter where he projected, all that matters is how he plays. If he keeps this up, he is playing his way out of the NFL.

BTW, Jamain Stephens was a 1st day, 1st round pick.