Sunday, September 2, 2007

EMU-Pitt Recap

Can I be real with you? Dave Wannstedt tried to kill my father. HE TRIED TO KILL MY FATHER. Well no he didn't but the way he coached the game yesterday was the equivalent. Wannstedt is an absolute terrible evaluator of talent. If things don't get better next week I will seriously make it my goal in life to get him fired. Thanks for ruining the only thing I have in life Wanny, thanks.

Eastern Michigan is the worst team I have ever seen in my entire life. They have no talent anywhere on the field. We should have won lat night by 40 points but we didn't and thats not good. I almost got kicked out of the game for using too much profanity when they were warming up in the pregame. I don't think I said anything worse than I usually do in the course of a normal conversation.

Stull is an awful player, just over the top bad. My fears about the quarterback position we re-inforced completely. He should definitely have a weaker arm and make worse decisions. His touchdown pass almost got Turner killed because that 10 yard slant is a son of a bitch. Well at least we won't have to deal with him playing for a week or two, please transfer Bill Stull I'm begging you. Guess what I broke my finger last night too and you don't hear me bitching about it. His numbers mean absolutely nothing because the team we were playing couldn't have been any worse.

On defense I was happy to find out that one of the only stars we have Dorin Dickerson didn't play that much. I now know that Aaron Berry was injured and thats why Ricky Gary was playing. I'm sorry Ricky Gary for all the stuff I said about you last night I didn't realize the situation, my bad. Its hard to really judge the way the defense played due to the fact that Eastern Michigan was having problems running their own offense.

I can't do this right now I'm so upset about last night that I need another day to understand what I saw. This is really bad but at least we didn't lose. We got that going for us right? RIGHT?


elmo said...

You need to quit bitching so much. Stull is out "indefinitely" and the team didn't play that bad. I'm sorry that your favorite players didn't play that much. After one game vs. a terrible MAC opponent, don't judge the personnel too harshly.

Oakland Zoo Sellout said...

Stull sucks dick, bottom line. I've hated him from day 1 (those of you reading this will know who I am by that statement), and all my prayers were answered when he went down. It's Cat Basket time, and maybe Billy Stull will finally realize he has no business hooking up with anybody on our dance team because he's a no talent ass clown that had mediocre numbers throwing against the equivalent of a bad high school football secondary.