Monday, September 3, 2007

Getting Back On Track

Whats going on loyal Cat Basket readers? I can assure anyone reading this that me and DPJ are students despite the fact that we look extremely old. Keep your eyes on that front row everyone, big things are coming soon in The Cat Basket.

I thought I would try to articulate some of my anger from the game on Saturday. My main problem was the lack of ambition our player selection shows. Coach Wannstedt needs to start rolling the dice and putting this team in a position to do big things. We haven't won a bowl game in 5 years so how is another season of finishing in the middle of the pack going to be acceptable. The coaching staff needs to show a greater sense of urgency and drive towards turning this program around. They have done an amazing job on the recruiting trail now it needs to translate to the field.

What were my expectations for Saturday and why am I so disappointed? Well first off I thought we would see a more confident performance out of the team. I realize this is the first game of the season but we have to put a team like this away early. The first two games this season have to get us rolling because Michigan State will be a tough away game that can make or break our season. A loss at Michigan State could send us into a slump that we couldn't possibly get out of. This week against Grambling the game needs to be out of contention in the first quarter. We need to score on an easy touchdown on our first drive.

Three things I think have to happen this weekend:

1. Shady needs more than 10 carries. He averaged 6.8 a carry against Eastern Michigan and needs to get more touches. Flat out this kid is our rushing offense and continuing to give Hot Rod more carries will dull the power of the running game. No reason that Shady shouldn't get over 15 carries.

2. Dorin Dickerson needs to be an every down player on the defense. The speed and playmaking ability he adds to the defense is too much to ignore. Give him his big chance he has waited his turn long enough.

3. Whoever is playing quarterback this week needs to get the ball down the field. The wide receiving corps is perfectly suited to play a vertical passing game. No reason to not use all the field in the passing game. With Stull at QB the team was much too concerned with the short passing game. Give Turner and Pestano the ball in the air and let them run to it.

The rest of the week I'll try to further investigate what the team needs to do against Grambling St. I'll be much more in control of my anger, I hope. Be back tommorrow with a couple of columns.

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