Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's in DPJ's head?

As disturbing as that thought might be, I'm going to keep this focused upon what is in my head for the game which is a little over 7 hours away now.

I think that Pitt will win. Yes I do have my blue and gold sunglasses on.

I think that Shady will have over a 100 yards rushing.

I think that Bostick will have a great day and impress us all if Cavanaugh opens up the offense.

I don't think that Cavanaugh will open up the offense.

I think Paul Rhodes will continue to blitz.

I think we will give up at least 3 big plays on defense due to the option.

I think that this will be our lowest attendance of the season with the game being on tv, a wednesday night, and due to the Pens game.

I think the Prowlers flying over head will be awesome.

I think we are doing the right thing honoring Curtis Martin.

I think despite what everyone does say, the athletics department does care, and they should not always be looked down upon the way we often do.

I think everyone should keep an eye out for the Cat Basket shirts tonight.

Most importantly,

I think win or lose we should continue to support Pitt and the players on this team. We all love this university, and while we have our complaints, these are OUR Panthers so lets show up "Panther Loud and Panther Proud" tonight and for the rest of the season.

~ The One and Only ~

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