Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Late night update + some ramblings

Hello all, I'm back from meeting with the most powerful man at Pitt and decided to share some news with you.

In regards to the AD search, he said "we are at the beginning of a very long process, but this one should be much faster than the last search".

He also said that Donna Sanft, current interim AD has removed her name from consideration for the the position.

Steve Pederson will not be back at Pitt.

Wannstedt had surgery today on his leg but is expected to be on the sidelines for the game. If for some reason he can not be, he will coach from the box.

Do not expect Sal Sunseri to come back to Pitt as the AD unless something major changes. The thought right now in house is that younger, proven guys who are at lower tier schools are the way to go. Wannstedt will remain, but expect any assistant coaching changes to feature "on the rise" coaches much like Howland was when he came to Pitt.

Outside of that, I'll be doing my preview sometime later this week and hopefully we hold on to that ugly ass trophy from our fake ass rivalry.

~ The One and Only ~


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Wannstedt qualifies for a coaching medical redshirt

DPJ said...

Haha, does that mean he gets an extra year on his contract?

Anonymous said...

It's the only way he'd get one at this point