Sunday, October 7, 2007

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Well it was definitely a fun weekend seeing Pitt not losing for the first time in 3 weeks. We do have a tough game coming up on Wednesday against Navy. I'll be doing my preview shortly so keep your eyes peeled for it. This is more of a potpourri of a post. I have multiple issues to tackle here so we'll do the best we can to keep it organized. I'm not going to bash the coaches, or scream about what players I think should be in, I'm going to try and keep this pretty level headed.

First off, the big news. The Cat Basket shirts have arrived. We won't be bringing the sign to the games any more since we will have our t-shirts on. Here is the official Cat Basket image featuring the sexy Cat Basket model proudly displaying the shirt in a fine south Oakland apartment.

You'll see a bunch of students wearing it and hopefully we can get some more shirts soon. If you are interested in a Cat Basket shirt let us know and we'll see what we can do about getting one for you.

Unlike what Jason Jones would have you believe, I was rooting for Syracuse this weekend. I was hoping that with the upset of louisville that maybe the Orange could steal a victory at home, but no such luck and the hoopies prevailed.

USF didn't look very good. They may drop in the polls this week due to a less than stellar performance against bottom feeder FAU. We'll just chock it up as a trap game they survived following the win against WVU the week before.

Navy's offense scares me. We don't do well with mobile quarterbacks. We don't do well against spread offenses and the option. Basically, there's a lot of things that could go wrong on wednesday but hopefully we will get the all important win.

This may actually be the time when we turn the season around. Everyone keeps talking about that 2001 team that started 1-5 then won 5 straight to make it to a bowl. We can only hope that we've learned from past mistakes and that the necessary changes will be made. I think if we tweak the offense and use the right type of trickery, then this could be a very fun game. It also could be a blow out, we just don't know. At this point I can see this team finishing anywhere between 2-10 and 7-5. I'll be skipping my stats class on wednesday night to see the Panthers play, so hopefully we decide to go the 7-5 route instead.

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