Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Talking About Extensions

Rumors are beginning to emerge in that Coach Wannstedt is going to the Athletic Department looking for a contract extension. He is three years into his initial 5 year deal, which is around the time that schools begin to give their coaches a vote of confidence. I know what you all are all thinking how could a coach who has gone 5-6, 6-6, and as of now 2-4 get himself a contract extension. The big answer is recruiting, if we have a lame duck coach it will difficult to continue to get the same level of prospects.

I'm highly against the prospect of Wannstedt getting a new extension at this point. My argument is that we need to blow up the assistant coaching staff after this year and judge him by next year. Wannstedt won't be going anywhere for the next two years but his assistant coaches will be. Once we finish out the season 2-9 or at the absolute best 3-8 heads will start to roll. If we have a new AD by the end of the season maybe we can make some smart hires for a new coaching staff for Wannstedt. He has proved over the last three seasons once we hit the field he has no idea how to coach a college football team. On the recruiting trail he has given us back to back top 25 recruiting classes, whatever stock you put into the recruiting services.

With a staff of young, hungry assistants next year Wannstedt should be judged worthy of an extension. Our team next year, as DPJ has already stated, has potential to be much better. If we don't completely change the coaching staff then Wannstedt shouldn't get an extension and get fired. The on-field performance has been poor this year and somebody needs to be held responsible for it. I realize the administration won't hold Wannstedt accountable for this so lets start knocking off assistants. I will tell you the coaches on our staff that need to be fired immediately, Paul Rhoads (Defensive Coordinator/Linebacker Coach) and Paul Dunn (Offensive Line Coach). These two coaches are completely inept and have made the players they coach worse.

Don't completely dismiss the idea of Wannstedt getting an extension. If this team has a great start next year with a new group of assistants he may be the figurehead coach for this team. Do I think we will go out and get a new group of assistants? No, I have a feeling only Rhoads gets fired and Wannstedt takes over defensive coordinator. Then again I'm extremely pessimistic about Wannstedt giving up the majority of his staff, no matter what the pressure from the administration is.

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