Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game Planning

Before I start, I just want to remind everyone that with Fanfest being completed, basketball season is among us so don't forget to check out the Zoo's website to see some good stuff from Jason Jones and the other Zoo writer Keith McBride at the Zoo's Official website.

Now on to Louisville. The one thing we have learned in the Big East this season is that everyone is beatable. The main point being lowly Syracuse upsetting the Fighting Brian Brohm's a few weeks ago. So before I write my preview for the game, I think it's worth mentioning here how important game planning is. One thing we have always from the coaches, especially after we were blown out this year was how the coaches felt that we created very good game plans. I don't really buy that in the regards to Uconn and UVA, but we did seem to know what we were doing against Cincy. One problem with this though, is that every game plan looks good on paper. It's kind of like preparing for a draft. You can scout and practice mock drafts all night long, but you never know exactly what will happen until the unfolds before your eyes. That is why you have to go with what you feel is your best game plan, but also remember that being flexible and allowing for adaptation is the only way to give yourself the best shot.

It would be easy for everyone to say, "just do what Syracuse did and we will win", but that is not the case. I believe that despite a few losses this season, the Louisville coaches will adapt their schemes to hide any apparent weaknesses. So while we must concentrate on how to exploit those weaknesses, we also need to prepare to hide ours. Our defense is coming off a great 2nd half against Cincy, but Louisville's offense is one of the best in the Big East. Our offense is finding a niche with a great balance between Shady, Hot Rod, and Bostick with the passing game. Louisville's defense is very susceptible, so we need to be ready to exploit it whenever possible.

Don't be surprised if a Navy situation breaks out where its two teams going blow for blow down to the very end. I do think that if we continue to bring pressure and the DLine decides to be the best in the Big East for another week, then we stand a good chance of winning. But like I said, it all starts with the game plan.

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Anonymous said...

Watched the game in CT on ESPN regional coverage, and the Cat Basket shirts got plenty of TV coverage

Studzy said...

that's unfortunate. my sign this week was mediocre at best. next time i'll make a sign that i'm sure the camera people will put on! i'm going to be on ESPN! YES!!!
in all seriousness, i am running out of ideas for clever signs. i mean the one i have now is either "LaRod LaSean LaAwesome" or "LaSean LaHeisman" with some cleverly edited images. any ideas for signs send my way... some how