Saturday, October 27, 2007

We love you Shady.

Ok, well that was probably the most heart breaking way to end the game. I'll tell you what though, the team showed me something. This team didn't quit and wanted to prove something to people who didn't believe in us. We beat the spread and from the 2nd quarter on we really showed that we can hang. The team had their weak spots and their high spots but we did what we needed to do to stay in this game.

Shady, we understand how heart-breaking it must have been to fumble. Don't worry, this is a season that doesn't mean much and is nothing more than rebuilding. We here at Cat Basket should be known as Bostick homers, but I'll tell you what. Shady, you are the heart and soul of this team. Until you leave as a junior, this team will be riding on your back. 2 years from now, this game will be a highlight of how you remember how the fumble really impacted your career. I am glad that this highlight will be available because it will be shown next year and two years from now as we are fighting for a big east championship as well as a BCS bowl.

Moe Williams, thank you for playing a great game and having drive saving plays. Conredge, you played a great game and deserve credit that people are not willing to give you. Hot-Rod, despite what readers want you to believe, we love you here and know that you definitely have a strong role on this team.

At 3:15 p.m. today, I was saddened by this loss. Jason Jones fell to the floor and I could only stare at the tv with my mouth open. As we look at this game from a past perspective, I can only say that we performed better than anyone could have expected. This was one of the games I expected we would lose this season, however I didn't think we would keep the score as close as we did.

I still expect Rhoads to be fired after the season, especially after the late drive we gave up to allow them to take the lead. Matt Cavanaugh will probably try to take a position in the nfl. All of that is ok. Our talent is set up for 2008 and 2009 to be HUGE years. I really think we have a bcs caliber team starting next year and the year after. We just need to deliver with the right coaches.

Don't fear Panther nation, we are much better off now than we have seen in a long time.

~ The One and Only ~


Studzy said...

i said it before (15 minutes ago) and i'll say it again: this season our biggest role is spoiler. 3 weeks ago i said that in jest thinking its all we could amount to. now, however, i believe we can dish out some upsets. AB showed some other talent and made a huge pick (resulting in that gadget play touchdown. we finally got to see some use out of strong's arm). i didnt expect their running game to be so strong, however. it only gets better. we hit rock bottom and there is only one way to go

J Bird said...

Not quite rock bottom. The team has started to play better as of late. This team right now would have won the navy game if we were playing tomorrow instead of a few weeks ago.

Rhoads and Cavanaugh still need to go, but the team is making strides under them. Wanny gets his 2 more years. If he doesn't pan out, don't be surprised to see JD Brookhart come back.