Thursday, October 18, 2007

Predictions Cincinnati vs Pitt

It's that time again and how much things have changed this season. I remember a time where I thought we could make a run at a bowl now all I care about not getting embarrassed at home. This week should be one of the worse losses at home in Pitt history. DPJ has gone over the turnaround of the Bearcats' program, its amazing what a competent coaching staff can do. Well onto the predictions.

1. I'll start with the shining light of this awful season Shady. This week its going to be extremely hard for him to get his yards. The Cincinnati defense attacks teams and creates a ton of pressure. Therefore, we are going to be throwing a bunch this game and Shady may not get to feature as much as the coaching staff would like. Ugh, I don't even want to write this.
Stat Line 11 carries, 65 yards, 0 TD's

2. We will turn the ball over 3 times, at least. The pressure that Cincinnati is going to cause on our banged up and mediocre offense line is going to great. I really hope Bostick doesn't get injured by an untouched blitzer because having to see Kevan Smith play again may cause me to lose my mind. The offensive progress we made last week will look like an anomaly, we will look inept again. I really hope I'm wrong but the amount of pressure they create is going to completely stop our offense.

3. Paul Rhoads will make it 3 in a row allowing 40+ points. The spread offense, ran by a competent team, always causes us problems. I imagine Rhoads sat down at Southside this week taking a nap. After last week I doubt that Rhoads could stop any type of offense. Yuck it up while it lasts jackass this is your last job in football at any level.

I know all this sounds very bleak but I'm trying to prepare you the loyal Cat Basket reader for the loss. DON'T EXPECT US TO WIN THIS GAME. In order to be fair I'll give you the scenario for us to win this game. Firstly, we can't turn the ball over at all. Also we need to score on our first two drives in order to stay in the game. Then our defense has to somehow create a turnover or two. The offense has to score (FG or TD) on every single possession the entire game, no punts. If all these things happen we will have a chance to win, won't happen though.

Cincinnati 41 Pitt 17

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Anonymous said...

"Yuck it up while it lasts jackass this is your last job in football at any level."

That is by far the best comment written about Paul Rhoads ever.