Thursday, October 4, 2007

What J Jones is Feeling Number 1

There are seven games left in the season and we can still become bowl eligible. I said it, I don't particularly believe it, but its out there on the table. Looking over our situation I keep forgetting the fact that we have the other half of our season in front of us. I thought I would come up with a new weekly column where I gauge the % chance I think we have to win the rest of the games on our schedule. I won't be previewing the games, that DPJ's job, I'm just going to give my initial impression of these games. Then at the end of the season we can see the ebb and flow of my confidence in the team.

vs Navy (42.15%): This game can go either way for us. Talent-wise we should be able to dominate this team but with the conservative play-calling who knows what will happen. Also Paul Rhoads is going to have to deal with a triple option. WHO ISN"T LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT?

vs. Cincinnati (15.1%): At this point beating a team in the top-25 seems impossible. Enjoy the River City River Boat Gambler Fake Useless Trophy for this game Bearcats.

at Louisville (15.1%): How good is Papa John's dipping sauce I mean seriously that stuff is too good. Oh the game no way we win.

vs Syracuse (61.76%): Here it is everybody this is the one we have to win. They are just as bad as we are except they did beat Louisville at home. This game might rival the one two years ago in the rain at Heinz Field for poor play. I'll never forget that game as long as a I live.

at Rutgers (5.1%): This could be embarrassing.

vs. South Florida (-500%): 50 points will be the Bulls margin of victory against us. By this time in the season USF will be firmly in a BCS spot and will need to dominate us to continue their march. Don't even hold a thought over a win against them.

at West Virginia (1%): I'm giving us a fraction of a chance to win this game just because its a rivalry game. Conceivably, the team could come out on fire and bring it to the Mountaineers but I wouldn't bet on it. This game will cause some problems for the traitor DPJ.

So this is the first of my week to week feelings on the rest of our schedule. I have a feeling that South Florida game might become more out of reach as the weeks go on.


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DPJ said...

Well, we'll see how the WVU game goes. The lead up to the game will be more problematic than the game itself. If we win then there will be a whole lot of problems. If we lose, then things will be just as I expected them to be and then all shall remain the same in my world.