Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some thursday night things

Hey everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the Rutgers/USF game. (GO BULLS) So, not much football related stuff right now, but some stuff that you all should be aware of.

Incase you don't know I, DPJ, am the bald guy from the Zoo. Jason Jones, is also the head writer for the Oakland Zoo's webpage. Sunday, Pitt will be holding the annual rich donor fan fest from 1-4:30, and I hope you all stop by and check it out. The women and men will both hold scrimmages. More importantly, Jason Jones will start back up writing articles for the Zoo page. If you want to check it out the website is

The other important note is that we're going to place our second merchandise order this weekend. So if you're interested in Hoodies or Shirts, email Hoodies are 25 and Shirts are 10.

This weekend should provide some good football. It is also homecoming weekend at Pitt, so if you're any where in the area, come on down to Bigelow Blvd tomorrow at 9:30 for the annual Laser Light Show and fireworks display. It is always a fun time to see the festivities and shitty music played by the PPC, but you know what, at least it something we can call our own.

p.s. Rutgers just scored a TD on a fake field goal. That was a great call.

Anyways, until the next update. Enjoy it folks.

~ The One and Only ~


Studzy said...

i've always hated most things related to new jersey: the jersey shore, most people i meet from jersey, the devils, and finally rutgers. the people i meet are merely a poor representation and claim that new jersey is a great state. they are wrong, but hey, i'm the one holding out hope for pitt football. i never really had a reason to hate rutgers until they did that thing with the navy. sure they are playing you in college football, but you dont insult future armed forces, whether you agree with the war or not.
last year rutgers began their season surge by beating looville. no one saw it coming. the fans rushed the field. rutgers was now in the running for a bcs bid, until they lost to wvu, dpj's new fav team. watching that game i wished it were possible for both teams to lose.
clearly with shows why we should all hate new jersey. but now they knock of the USF bulls, one of the few teams in the big east i was kinda thinking "cool i hope they do well but dont know why."
now rutgers beat them. i have come to the following conclusion after watching rutgers beat usf and looville and watching the devils beat the pens: "New Jersey only exists to screw with other people."

Anonymous said...

The worst part is, no matter how good of people we are, we will lose to this jersey trash this year.