Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wannstedt's Kitchen Nightmares

Ok, so if you don't get the reference, watch Fox tonight at 9 pm for what is one of the best new shows on American tv. Basically British chef Gordon Ramsay goes to restaurants that are failing and looks at why they are failing and makes the required changes. It's funny how such a great show can be applicable to Pitt's situation, therefore, I, Chef DPJ will take a look at our problems position by position and offer an immediate alternative to resurrect our failing season.

Qb - Bostick is fine. Bostick is actually playing very well. One huge problem though, LET HIM THROW THE DAMN BALL! No more holding back, if you want to win you will let him throw the ball regularly in quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4. You will also let him throw on downs 1, 2, 3, and 4 (when necessary). Once you do that, your quarterback situation is solved. Stull can sit out the rest of the year with his injury and next year it will be nice to have a little qb controversy over who should start, the PROVEN Bostick, or the redshirt Junior Bill Stull.

Rb - Well you're finally starting to get the right ingredients here. Shady 25-30, Hot Rod 5-10. With that problem solved we can move on to the fullbacks.

FB - Conredge and Brooks have played well. You won't let Henry see the field this season so just hold him back and let him learn and prepare for the future. Now given that we have the best.....i mean, worst offensive line in the Big East, you will need a fullback in for every play that is not a shotgun formation. Give Shady and LSH a lead blocker so that they can clean up the mess that the offensive line is creating.

WR - This is by far the laziest group of Wr's I have ever seen. They lack explosiveness and concentration. Pestano and Porter have failed to live up to expectations and Turner has become too streaky to be consistent. If this group wants some respect then they need to have the playbook opened up with more passing plays, but also to make sure that they do their job when they are called upon.

TE - We've been saying it all along. THROW TO NATE BYHAM! Ok, I get it, he's a good blocker and a great receiver. If you want to let him block, let him block on rushing plays. If you want a TE to block on passing plays, let Pelusi do it. Strong is not the greatest blocker but he is no where near Nate as far as receiving ability goes. I still say that Strong wasn't penalized enough for his little gesture to the USF student section, but he's here so we have to deal with it. I know it doesn't go with your philosophy of Seniors first, talented underclassmen second, but listen. If you want to win, you will throw the ball to Nate.

OL - Otah and Davis, you are fine......for now. Vangas, Thomas, Bachman, and McGlynn. Here is my solution. Put McGlynn in at center. McGlynn is one of the worst starting offensive tackles that Pitt has ever had. I'm sure he would be a little better at center, and if you don't want to try anyone else at center, let McGlynn play there. Atleast you can keep one senior starting there. As far as guard and tackle go. Let Bachman start, then OBJECTIVELY look at the rest of your linemen and decide who would be the best fit for right tackle regardless of class. I guarantee if Jacobson was healthy there would be no way in hell we would see him replace Thomas at guard. I can only hope that Lucas Nix is given a fair shot at cracking the line up (if he comes here). Shake up the Oline and get your best players in there.

DL - The only strong point of the team, keep it this way.

LB - DORIN DICKERSON! There ya go. Congrats Wanny, you beat out OSU, Michigan, and PSU for a great player. NOW USE HIM. After this year we only have 2 more seasons of Dorin and unless you want to waste him, i'd put him in every play possible. The other linebackers are interchangeable. I hope Nate Nix gets healthy, we could sure use him.

CB - To be honest, I'd sit Kennard. Let Aaron Berry and Ricky Gary get the majority of PT. Again, this breaks your rule of Seniors first, more talented underclassmen second. Guess what though. Ricky Gary has played well enough to earn a starting job. Also, with this season being a waste, let Aaron get some more experience because he will be your starting CB next year. We do have Buddy Jackson and Sherod Murdock waiting, but they'll be held out till next year, so get your guys experience now.

S - How great will 2008 be when the starters are Decicco and Fields. Dom Dicicco is not eligible for a redshirt because he has played too much. Good news, that means that your arm tackling, slow running starting safety, Mike Phillips, can rest for about 58 of the 60 minutes during the game. Hell, it could even be the entire 60 minutes since we forgot what the hell a Nickel and Dime package are.

If it were up to me, we would not see the following players this upcoming game: Mike McGlynn, Joe Thomas, Chris Vangas, Jameel Brady, and Mike Phillips. Now need and Wannstedts refusal to bench the seniors will prevent this, so we'll probably finish poorly.............again. This is not my team, and if it were these suggested changes would be made. We can only hope that the lineups and play calling changes and for god's sake would somebody catch a damn ball?

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