Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Jason Jones Is Thinking Week 2

Thought I would come back with my thoughts on the possibilities of getting another win this season. Big shake up in the top 10 this week and in the Big East not that this matters at all to us. We just need to get another win, right?

vs Cincinnati (5%) This game is an absolute long shot for us. Our only hope is that the loss to Louisville will strip the Bearcats of momentum, then they forget to catch the bus to the game. I hope they enjoy their meaningless trophy that they get for winning this awesome "rivalry" game.

at Louisville (.00000001%) They will be able to score on us at will and while they have a bad defense no way can our offense compete. I'm not looking forward to seeing the final score of this game.

vs. Syracuse (40%) WE HAVE TO WIN THIS. Seriously, though we won't. Syracuse has put up a pretty good fight against WVU and Rutgers the past two weeks, they appear to have some life left in them. At least this will be an interesting game to watch in person.

at Rutgers (.00000000001%) Ray Rice could set a some records in this game against our porous defense. The Scarlet Knights are going to beat us badly. Too many weapons on offense and a competent defense equals a loss for the Panthers.

vs South Florida (-1000%) This could be an exciting event at Heinz Field a consensus #1 team in the BCS playing the Panthers. The Bulls could represent the conference in the National Title game. Oh and this could be one of the worse losses in Pitt history, they will have a reason to completely bury us.

at WVU (1%) Rivalry games always have a chance for the underdogs to pull the upset. I just hope we can keep this close and give the Hoopies a game but we probably won't. DPJ should be happy either way this game goes, lord knows I won't be.

So there it is loyal Cat Basket readers I am completely convinced we are going 2-9 but it isn't all bad, oh wait yes it is. Try to enjoy Shady breaking the freshman rushing touchdown record, Bostick continuing to develop, and the last few games of Paul Rhoads football career. Don't get hung up on losing anymore its going to happen. Start looking for the positives in these losses. We are the worst team in the Big East but hopefully we can show signs of improvement.

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