Monday, October 15, 2007

The fans have spoken

Well, the first batch of Cat Basket shirts are all gone, but fear not Cat Basket fans, we are placing another order. Here are the details.


Small - XL are 10 dollars
XXL are 12.50.


We are also ordering Hoodies.

S-XL will be 25 dollars
XXL are 30.

If you are interested please email for ordering information.

~ The One and Only ~


Anonymous said...

Nice shirts, but would anyone happen to know where I could find a 'save a couch beat WVU' shirt. I've been looking for one since last years game. Thanks

Jeff Long said...

I'll buy one if you change the name to CRAP BASKET!!!!

The Prowler said... has "save a couch, burn a hoopie" sweatshirts if you do a search for "backyard brawl"