Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Jason Jones Is Thinking Week 3

It is mid-week so I'm going to give my thoughts on where the rest of the season will take us. Beating Cincinnati proved that we are able to pull that big upset and 2-10 is now out of the question. Personally, I'm having trouble forgetting the 3 losses to UConn, UVA, and Navy. Which team is going to show up this week at Louisville is anyone's guess? More importantly, which defense is going to show up at Papa John's Stadium? Onto the wild prognostication!

at Louisville (50%): I thought previous to the Cincinnati game that we had no chance of winning this game and now I think we have a even chance to do so. If the defense plays like they did last week we will give Louisville all they can handle but if we play like we did against Navy we have absolutely no chance. I'm slightly concerned about this game being a let down for the team. They put so much into getting that 3rd win that I wonder what is left in the tank.

vs Syracuse (65%, if we beat Louisville 99%): This game always seemed like the winnable one on the schedule and it continues to be. I think the offense might be able to outscore Syracuse in a shootout so defensive play might not even factor in here. If we don't get the fourth win against Louisville this game will give us that win.

at Rutgers (25%): I think this game is beyond our coaching staff this year. Rutgers showed how talented and good they are against South Florida. This starts the run where in order to win our team has to play almost perfectly and the coaching staff has to be on point.

vs South Florida (5%): USF is a team full of speed and talent. Offensively I think they will be able to use their talent advantage and speed advantage to take us out of the game. Also I think their defensive speed and pressure is built to shut down our offense. I still think this might be a blowout of epic proportions, we just don't match-up well against the Bulls.

at West Virginia (6%): This is that game that no matter what our record is the team will get up for. Will that be enough to beat a WVU team with a shot at the Big East title? I think we won't have as much of a problem with this game than the USF game. As with most Backyard Brawls the atmosphere will raise the level of play. I hope that this game will be for our 6th or 7th win.

The team after one win seems to be back in a situation where I can see us winning a game or two. Now if we go into Louisville and put up another bad defensive performance like the Navy game where are we then? This season seems to hinge on putting together another great game at Louisville. I think this week decides a great deal about the direction of this team.


Anonymous said...

Once we beat Louisville, then syracuse, we will upset another team for our 6th win. If we can beat UL, Cuse, and another team, then we will go bowling this year.

J Jones said...

I think if we get through Louisville definitely. Louisville is a big, big if. We put together two wins in a row against Big East teams I think we become a dangerous team with a bowl on the horizon. Getting blown out at Louisville puts us right back to where we were after the Navy game. Cuse should be a winnable game but so was Navy, UConn, UVA, and Michigan St. So don't forget about our 4 losses, one win is great but it doesn't erase all that.

A bowl would be amazing for a team I thought was completely dead after the UVA game.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone is distracted by shiny things. Last week you ripped the team and even gave them negative chances to win games and now they pull off a win against a sloppy Cincinnati team and now they're at a 50% chance against teams!?

Hmm...hopping back on the bandwagon?

J Jones said...

I'm not being this subtle with my humor am I. THE PERCENTAGES ARE A JOKE I'M TRYING TO BE FUNNY. Poorly I admit but don't take it so seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I agree with anonymous. I came to this site for journalistic integrity. Let's see you back those numbers up j jones!!!!....or did you fudge your numbers for your own personal game?

I give us 25% again L'ville. I came up with 25% after having my simulation tool run 10000 scenarios.

Seriously, I don't think we have too much of a chance. I don't think our coaches learned anything in the Cincy game. Hope I'm wrong.

Luke R. said...

Fuck it, Syracuse's shitty ass beat Louisville at Dipping Sauce stadium so why the fuck can't we?

Show some balls post under a name.

Anonymous said...

papa johns does have good dipping sauce. jones's numbers went up because we saw a pit team that wasnt there before. now we know its there and the chance exists.