Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Its The Game Plan

I haven't had any idea of what to write columns about for the last couple of days after the debacle at UVA. It feels like the only left to write about this program is the ineptitude of the coaching and lack of flexibility that has emerged from the Moustache Jones staff. On defense we have linebackers covering wide receivers for no reason and on offense we don't throw the football until we are down 27 points. We start the game off with onside kicks again for no reason, apparently UVA lines up 15 yards off the line for kickoffs. Hmm you think they might do that for a reason to fool gullible coaches into giving them fantastic field position.

There seems to be no continuity to the play calling and as a result it appears as we have no game plan. The wildcat offense is used some times without Shady on the field and even more infuriating we use the wildcat on first down with our QB lined up at wide receiver. He doesn't need to be put in a situation where he might get injured, bring him in with the non-Wildcat play on second or third down. I find it hard to believe that our offensive coaching staff can't figure out how put different packages in, I mean Rhoads has proven he has no idea how to use different packages. Each series we run appears to be either all pass on first and second down or all run on first and second down. We run this antiquated playing style where we take no chances and just wait for the game to get out of hand.

The team has not been playing well but the more I think about it and re-watching some of the games later I have no doubt that its all the play-calling. We can't continue to put a straitjacket on the offense from the beginning of the game. Come out throwing the ball early and often. Don't immediately lose confidence in the passing game and start running up the middle. Run some intermediate routes in order to get some of our play makers the ball in a situation to do something with it. Perhaps, throw the deep ball from time to time. Bostick is going to get sacked probably 4 or 5 times because of how bad the offensive line is.

Listen we are going to lose many more games this season. Here is an idea why don't we go down fighting instead of getting lapped playing conservatively. I'll take a losses as long as we can turn games into shootouts. If the defense is going to continue to play at the same level this is our only way to remain competitive. I would much rather lose a game 44-35 than 44-14.



Anonymous said...

Who are the play makers you are referring to? I can only think of Shady and Byham. The only other guy, Wright, doesn't even see the field.

What about defensive play makers. Our best defensive guys are sitting on the bench while Jameel Brady continues to steal a free scholarship from this university. I'd rather see Dorin make a play on the ball rather than any of the other inept linebackers we use.

McGlynn is awful yet still plays. We don't have any other offensive linemen that we can put out there?

And to the guy who said that McGlynn is a day 1 NFL draft pick, you sir are clinically retarded and should refrain from speaking in any public forums.

J Jones said...

Well I was basically commenting about Byham as our playmaker. The wide receivers have decent numbers when it comes yards per catch but they aren't putting in the effort. I think Turner has some talent and is just not getting used because he is too busy dropping balls.

Yes I agree the defense isn't using our best players. You are exactly right on that front.

Don't make fun of McGlynn's dad, I'm assuming thats who it was. He is probably just proud to see his son finally play after all these years.