Thursday, October 11, 2007

Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut

And that squirrel is Matt Cavanaugh...just joking. I thought the offense as a whole played fantastic last night. This is really the first time since Palko left that we appeared to be running a full play book. Before I start the analysis I realize that Navy is one of the worst defenses in the entire nation, now some analysis.

For the first time in the season we figured out how to use our running backs properly. Shady got 31 carries which is exactly how much he needs. Due to the type of runner he is we can pound Shady pretty much all game. He doesn't take a bunch of hits directly and seems to not get tired. Also he looked great inside the ten and his ability to punch in touchdowns will be an asset. Collins finally got the ball in the power game and proved why he is the number 1 junior fullback on Mel Kiper's Big Board. I loved the way he hits the hole and powered through the first contact. LSH only got three carries but they were in situations that suited him. To properly use his talents he needs to get space and a hole to maneuver through. This was a really great template for the coaching staff to use for the rest of the year.

The passing game really got it together this game. Bostick did an amazing job of spreading the ball around the field, he had completions to 8 different receivers. Our wide receivers seemed to come alive this game due to Bostick's ability to go through his progressions. 20 for 28 as a freshman in only his 2nd game as starter. His accuracy and ability to read a defense opens up what we can do with this offense. There is no controversy here Bostick will be your quarterback for the rest of the year.

Hey offensive line great job yesterday. I didn't notice any blown assignments at all and Bostick was given time to look down field. Also the running game was humming along quite nicely with the big holes you guys opened. Finally, a complete performance from this group. Keep it up offensive line.

I hope that this big success despite the loss gives the offense confidence in their own ability and Cavanaugh runs a similar game plan. By the start of the season next year Bostick is going to be ready to be a truly elite quarterback. He is playing extremely well the talent is obviously there, he just needs to be refined in terms of footwork and throwing motion. Once he gets some work with a QB guru I think we are going to see some all time great things from him. How great is Shady? Seriously?

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Studzy said...

finding a nut and finally eating a nut you have been storing all season is different. i dont know why the hell matty didnt make those play calls earlier. i do wish they would let pat throw down the field more though. make our wide receivers accountable. make them work. turner could be pretty damn good at times, but without derek kinder, we are hurting...
screen pass up the middle!