Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I hate homecoming

Ok, I don't HATE all of it, just parts of it. I really like what we've done recently with painting all of the store fronts and campus buildings blue and gold. I like the fact that we strongly encourage all alumni to come back to Pitt for at least one football game. I like the fact that despite the fact that the Pitt Program Council screws it up, we have events on friday night before the game. In case you haven't seen it, the fireworks and laser light show on Bigelow the night before the game are two things that you should check out. Granted, the program council picks the worst music ever to accompany the lights and fireworks, but hey they need to cater to that 50 year old white population and not to what the students want to hear. Inside the union they have all types of fun stuff, the geeks get free DDR all night, you can take your significant other and have a caricature made, balloon animals will be made for you, have your fortune told, all in all it's not a bad deal. Outside of that fun free stuff, there is other stuff going on. South Oakland will have it's usual friday night house parties, no more and no less than a usual friday night. The frats become "by invite only" since all of the "brah" alumni are back in town and want to try to meet some nice freshman girls. The bar scene gets more packed too. If you think you can't move at hemingways on a usual friday night, watch out, it is a sardine can in that place. A lot of the other bars get packed too as the over flow makes its way to Peters, Garage Door, and Boomerangs. Basically, that entails your friday night before homecoming. I actually kind of like it.

Saturday........ This is where the complaints come flying. If you are a freshman who likes getting to the games early listen up. Despite the team being 2-4 and playing against a Cincy team that we do not match up well against. Despite the fact that it is a noon game that will be on tv. You better watch out. There will be hundreds of drunk sorority girls waiting in line just so they can be bored 2 hours before kickoff when the gates open, and be bored during the first half of the game. But at halftime, oh halftime, thats when the magic begins. Halftime of homecoming is the most important part of the Pitt football season. You get to see the crowning of king and queen. How exciting is that! Two jerkoffs that are stuck on themselves thinking they're better than everyone else trying to win a title that means jack shit.

Listen, I know it's one of the few traditions we have that "some" people rally around. I just don't see the point of promoting something stupid like this which ends up having people litter campus with fliers about why we should vote for you and what stupid dumbass organizations sponsor you. I hate walking around campus and having it look like Pitt is a day care center with all of the chalk marks on the ground. Every year since I've been at Pitt it has rained during homecoming week which I thought was great because it ruined the fliers and washed away the chalk. Unfortunately it looks like this week will be dry until the game on saturday. The worst part is, the rain will make it uncomfortable for everyone in the stands but it won't deter the drunken sorority girls from trying to take away the seats from the people who care about Pitt football. Last year a sorority thought it would be fun to run up to the seats and rope off 3 rows of seats! If they were at every game running up the ramp with me as soon as the gates open then I would be fine with them doing that. However! They only do this for one game, and as soon as the king and queen are announced all of them go back to the parking lots to start drinking.

This whole king and queen idea is a joke. It brings people to the games who do not cheer, do not understand our tradition. These people are the ones I mentioned in a previous post who make up the large majority of Pitt students who do not care about football.

My suggestion is this. Let the joke Pitt Program Council and their incompetent leader Tom Miseraca announce the stupid homecoming court at the beginning of the laser light show
and then during the fireworks, have Zambelli's take like a 3 minute break in between shooting them things off and announce the king and queen there. Put a spotlight on the winners as they walk up the stage and let the fireworks play with the Pitt fight song in the background. That would work for me. This really would be better for everyone. Sorority girls won't have to go and get hammered before the game and ruin the experience for everyone there. They can drink with their friends that night and not be bothered with waking up too early on saturday morning.

So like I said, real Pitt fans, get ready for a game that will annoy you way more than any ESPN game ever could. Instead of getting fair weather fans, you're getting fake/apathetic fans.


J Jones said...

That is by far the angriest post in the history of this website. You win DPJ I couldn't possibly top that.

I also completely agree, homecoming is an awful experience. Nobody who isn't in a greek organization gives a shit but we have to have it mess with the football game. So it creates this odd atmosphere in the student section where 75% of the fans don't care and are going to leave after halftime.

Enjoy the weekend everybody I know I won't.

Studzy said...

This may come as a shock to many of you but i despise greek life. i think it is almost completely worthless and a waste of time, money, housing, and freshman girls. these people don't care about anything other than their greek organization but they'll be damned if they let our school's fine athletic program get in the way of having a cardboard fur hat placed on their most popular, stuck up snob. greek life is pretty much paying to be friends with people. you have to pay $500+ a semester in dues and have to do some community service.
yes they provide a service to the world once in a while, only to have their fecal logo placed on the highway they spent 10 minutes cleaning. then they go home and drink to how much they helped a 25 ft stretch of road. sometimes there are fundraisers. but do they care about helping people? nope. they only care about beating those "sluts down at theta phi alpha" or those "stuck up bitches at kappa kappa gamma."
AH greek life! Where rich white kids can pay to hang out with rich white kids! dont get me wrong! some members of greek life are cool as INDIVIDUALS, but as a GROUP they lose their individuality.
again, please dont make me out to be the bad guy, unless you think i hate greek life. a few of my close friends are in greek life, shady henein included. yes i'm so popular. i bring up shady because he is one of the most driven, honest, and hard working people i know. he deserves a little attention. nick andes has always been a dick to me, but that's because i annoy the shit out of him. i cannot fault a man for being honest.
these fliers list their accomplishments as though they are relevant to wearing a cheap crown and cape thingy for a day. oh! you were secretary for the condoms for kids committee? here's my vote!!!

stupid bitches