Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some almost mid week things

It's all but certain that coach Wannstedt will be up in the booth for the 2nd straight week which I am all for. I really think that being upstairs and seeing how bad Mauk's first run went was catalyst for changing the defense up. This week will be a tougher test vs. a much better quarterback. In his weekly presser, Wanny said that he doesn't expect to blitz much. I'm going to call b.s. on this one. I think that we will be blitzing, but unlike the Cincy game we will do it much differently. Against Cincy, most of the blitzing came on 1st and 2nd down. This game I think we are going to blitz on the first 3 downs but you probably won't see us do it 3 times in a row.

The other key to the defense will be hiding the packages. To be more effective against Brian Brohm we need to show blitz then drop back into coverage. We also need to look like we are playing zone then throw in a surprise blitz. This will be the only effective way to get pressure on Brohm through the blitz. If we show blitz only on first and second down, then actually bring the pressure, we will absolutely get burned by it.

Wanny has also been pretty quiet about the offense which basically leads me to believe we won't see many changes. Louisville's defense is their weak spot and if we want to win the passing game and running game must be clicking. I hope shady get his 20-25, I hope Hot Rod is allowed to run in the situations that benefit him best, and I hope Conredge gets a change to put his helmet down and knock a few defenders around. Speaking of the offense, I really have had enough of Oderick Turner's costly mistakes. He dropped the pass against MSU that would have given us the win, he has had a ton of false start penalties, he is constantly breaking off his routes leading to incompletions or interceptions, and lastly he taunted the student section. There is no reason for this, go out there and do your job. If you want to break off a route, wait until the play has broken down and you need to give the qb a new option. Run a hot route on a blitz to protect the quarterback. If I was Wannstedt, I would let Turner play this week, but I wouldn't list him as the starter because of his actions last game. Sure you can say it was a b.s. call by the refs, but he should have never done anything that could potentially be flagged. I would start T.J. Porter and Moe Williams. They have been our best two receivers this year, plus Porter has turned it on recently and ever since the fumble against MSU, has started to live up to some of the hype we have heard about him.

Bring on the Cards.

~ The One and Only ~


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot if you think Moe Williams should be starting over Turner.

studzy said...

and you are an idiot if you think dpj doesn't know what he is talking about. yes turner is big and strong and occasionally makes a big catch, but he is just lazy and is usually not always with it. he doesnt make plays that surprise anyone, doesnt put in the extra effort. you see with shady it doesnt matter how much work he has to do. he's always excited to contribute. hell when TheRod made that big run was he jealous or threatened? hell no! he was more excited than even TheRod himself!
also, i can't say this enough: USE OUR TIGHT ENDS MORE!!! Strong is pretty decent from what i can tell but nasty nate never gives up on a play. he doesnt give us costly mistakes.
we have a solid running game and a decent tight ends, but we still lack the deep threat. shady alone has more yards on the ground than our wide receivers combined. i dont know much but even with a running based team, which we apparently are, the receivers should have more yards than they have now.

J Jones said...

What has Turner done since Kinder hasn't been playing? He has 23 catches in six games with 336 yards. Our wide receivers have ranged from bad to mediocre this season. Say what you will about our quarterback situation but the wide receivers have sold out every player we have had behind center.

If Turner could catch a ball that hits him in the hands we beat Michigan St. Mo Williams hasn't gotten the chance to drop those passes yet. TJ Porter has done a better job with the extra snaps he is getting.

Pestano and Turner have been some of the biggest disappointments this season. I can't wait until a wide receiver that has legitimate NFL ability and a reasonable head on his shoulders gets back.

Turner needs to hang it up with taunt to the student section. You aren't one of the guys who has given a great performance every game. Perhaps, you should take more snaps off and drop more open passes.

I would like to see what Mo Williams would do, because we know what Turner does when Kinder isn't around to do the hard work.