Friday, October 19, 2007

Please, just this once.

This season has been a disaster, we can all agree to that. Cincinnati is a team that we should look at the schedule and think that we have a realistic shot to win each and every year. This season is different however as our coaches have decided to show the world how incompetent they are. Now Pitt fans, it has come to this, the point where we are looking at our schedule, getting ready to face a team that we have had a fake rivalry established with. We are facing a team for a trophy that is quite possibly the ugliest of any sport. We are facing a team that we are heads and shoulders above in terms of talent, but light years behind in terms of coaching.

That is why I am asking you this of you Pitt. I realize that Syracuse is the only game in which we will be favored against the rest of the way. I don't see how we can beat anyone left on this schedule outside of Syracuse. An upset has to happen sometime right? Under Wanny, we have never won a game against a top 25 opponent. We have never won a game in which we were the underdog. This needs to change. Coach Wannstedt, I hope that while you are in the box coaching the game, you see how inept Paul Rhoads is and you decide to take over play calling. I hope you let the defense create pressure through blitzing. I hope you tell the corners to play man to man, bump and run, and tell them the zone is dead for now. Let the linebackers rush the quarterback and play the position like it is meant to be played. Please let the defenders hit the open spots to make plays instead of lining up offensive players just to fill gaps.

I hope you let Pat and Shady take control of this team. There is no reason why these two shouldn't be together as starters in the backfield until at least the 2009 season when Shady has left us to make his millions. Let Nate Byham make the plays he is capable of. Let Conredge continue to get his carries and control the clock if we get a lead. Let Moe Williams on the field to make us more dynamic. You showed that we can move the ball when the playbook is opened up. Don't be afraid to do that now.

We can win this game. The only thing holding us back is you. Go against your gut and coach as a college coach should. This isn't the NFL so leave that part of the game to the Steelers on Sunday. This River City Rivalry is one that should be lopsided from start to finish in favor of Pitt.

It's homecoming weekend, Pitt Basketball fan fest on sunday, and more importantly a week when the stands will be a little more full that usual. Take advantage of this and let us die hard fans have something to be proud of.


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