Friday, October 26, 2007

Beat the Birds

Welcome to the weekly DPJ preview.

Like Jason Jones said, this game is winnable, but it is also very losable. The key is to this game like almost every other is controlling the ball. Bostick should be given his chance to throw the ball and I believe he will be given that chance. However, we need to be smart with him. We can't depend on him to be going shot for shot with Brian Brohm. Best case scenerio for Pitt is that we get the ball first and get a touchdown on the first drive. After that, we need to force a turnover or punt. Basically we need to get out to an early 10 point lead and then run the ball and control the clock. The best way to play defense in this game is by keeping Louisville's offense on the bench.

If we give Brian Brohm the chance to beat us he will. Our defense is not built to stop a passing team like this. Add in the fact that Wanny said that we will not be bringing pressure on Brohm, and our chances are dimished. I really don't believe Wanny and think that he is trying to trick Cards into thinking they will have extra time to pass. This is a double edge sword though. Mauk wasn't able to handle our pressure because he wasn't expecting it. Brohm is 10x the qb that Mauk is and now he has reason to expect the blitz. Add all of this up and it could mean a disasterous game for Pitt.

Don't get me wrong, I still think we have a chance to win the game. We hung with MSU and I really believe MSU is a better team than Louisville. Our team is a different team now than we were in week 2, but we are now better off at qb.

Sorry for the short preview, but it's halloween time and Mr. Clean needs to get ready.

My prediction. If our blitz is effective then we will win 31-20. If it isn't, take Louisville by at least 10.

~ The One and Only ~

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Studzy said...

offensive line woes us again. our touchdown drives were amazing though. we continue to develop but we are still a young team and it's showing. shady showed he is still human, but i guarantee you his numbers next week will be insane against the 'cuse.
this one was a heartbreaker, but then again this whole season has been one. at least now we are being incredibly competitive. it is official. the season is now insurmountable and we are now spoilers for the guidos and mountainqueers. you know what? i dont mind that assuming we win. if we beat those teams i will personally call this season a success