Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Predictions for Navy vs Pitt

It feels like forever since we have played and my unhealthy obsession with the problems of our coaching staff has began to subside. This game, like every other we have played this season, is a complete crapshoot. The talent gulf between us and Navy is considerable but when your coaching staff seems to be working against your players who knows. Let's get into the meat of this article, remember these predictions are for entertainment purposes but if you make some money I get a 10% commission.

1. Starting off with the usual prediction, Shady is going to bounce back to some extent. He has been held under 100 yards for two consecutive games. This will not happen tomorrow, probably. The odd offensive play calling seemingly is going to end going by quotes from Wannstedt and Cavanaugh but like DPJ I call bullshit on anything those two geniuses say to the media. The offense will be "opened up" so perhaps Shady will be given some space to run from the improved passing game.
Stat Line: 21 carries, 144 yds, 1 TD

2. Navy will rush for over 250 yards. We have had two weeks to gameplan for the triple option but considering who our defensive coordinator is we could have had 5 months. Paul Rhoads has never been able to figure out a team with an unconventional offense we haven't played before, Toledo and Utah the obvious examples. I think this could be a source of comedy for us fans during the game. Unless our defensive line can overwhelm Navy to the point they can't get the plays off we will have extreme difficulty with this offense. Once coaching strategy kicks in our players are so disadvantaged they won't be able to make up for it with athletic ability and talent.

3. Pat Bostick will continue his improvement as the starting quarterback for the Panthers. Quietly, Bostick has improved to the point where he has been given the vote of confidence from the coaching staff. Give him a chance to spread the ball around even more because Navy will not cause us problems with their defense. This is a chance for Bostick to put up his first huge game number-wise as the starter. I'm excited to see how well Bostick plays in a favorable situation tomorrow.

4. The attendance for the game is going to be bad, very bad. My guess and I'm thinking this is slightly generous is 21,000. I hope the ESPN uses some creative camera angles so the lack of fans only looks bad and not completely embarrassing.

This is really the last chance we have this season to get it on track and move towards a winning season. A big win here may give us some momentum going into Cincinnati. Lose this game and the season is completely gone and we might be on our way to an all-time bad season.

P.S. I know everybody is hitting people with this but just remember to show some respect to the Navy players. I'm not telling everybody to cheer them but don't use the usual trash talk while they come onto the field or warm-up. We all should hold these players in the highest regard because of the sacrifices they make for us. The Cat Basket certainly respects you guys.

Navy 17 Pitt 24



Anonymous said...

Can we still boo Pitt when we get down 14-0 2 minutes into the game?

J Jones said...

Listen you can boo us all you want