Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Camp Thoughts

Since this is the last week of actual camp before we hit game week I won't be doing reports of camp everyday. Here are some thoughts on the weekend:
  • Ray Graham and Dion Lewis are going to be an exciting duo to watch at running back. Graham dominated the Saturday scrimmage and has jumped Chris Burns on the depth chart as the 2nd running back. Last year, the offense was so predicated on the big plays from Shady in the running game that this freshman combo needs to replace the majority of Shady's production.
  • The constant nagging injuries, like DPJ wrote about earlier, have led to position changes. Nate Nix switched to defensive end and had a great scrimmage on Saturday. Hopefully this will allow Nix to get on the field and make an impact.
  • Bostick taking a redshirt now seems like a possibility. The reason for the increased work for Sunseri was in order to test him out as a full time backup. Keeping 2 years of eligibility for Bostick is a great idea and he can still produce as a QB here. Cignetti is a fan of Bostick so we could see a scenario where he competes with Sunseri for the starting job next season.
  • Ricky Gary is pressing Jovanni Chappel for the starting corner job opposite Aaron Berry. In the limited playing time last year for Gary I was a big fan. Despite his solid tackling Chappel's size is always a hinderance in the passing game. If Taglianetti starts our secondary will be incredibly small outside of DeCicco.
  • Lucas Nix is back to full strength. For the offense to be successful Nix and Pinkston have to have big seasons. The two tackle positions were a constant problem last year and with Stull starting he has to be protected. When Stull starts getting sacked we know what happens next.
That is it for the weekend thoughts. I will probably be back with another column later in the week barring any big news breaking.

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