Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1 Training Camp 2009 (Press Conference Notes)

Here are some of my thoughts from watching the morning presser:
  1. Everybody who was injured in spring camp is ready to go for fall camp. So hopefully we can get to see what we have at linebacker with Murray and Gunn back as well as what Cam Saddler will bring to special teams.
  2. Wanny came out and said that Stull is going to be the starter going into camp. We knew this but now we have a direct quote from the horse's mouth. I thought for sure we would get more conjecture about everybody getting a chance. Apparently, Stull easily won the job in the spring so take that for what it is then look at the archives for the numbers from the spring scrimmages and the Blue-Gold game.
  3. Steve Dell is getting mentioned in all the media Wanny is doing pre-camp. Don't be shocked when he is on the 2 deep and playing some snaps this season.
  4. Wanny is concerned about the battle at kicker between Kevin Harper and Dan Hutchins. Harper hasn't seperated himself and it sounds like the staff is treating this as an open competition
  5. Nobody emerged in the spring as the odds on favorite at running back. This is the most interesting position for camp because there is an actual position battle. There is no obvious Wanny guy at the position so this is going to get settled on the field. Harris and Collins are the only backs with any experience.
  6. Wanny made sure to state that the offense wasn't going to change under Cignetti.
  7. The staff is looking for Aaron Berry to prove himself in camp after the off-field stuff in the spring. I loved hearing this because Berry has so much talent but he just hasn't put it together.
  8. As usual there is was a bunch of talk about people's work in the weight room and their bodies.
  9. Wanny expects very few freshman to play this year.
  10. Only 4 mentions of coaching the Dolphins which is a little low for Wanny. Playing with Dorsett only came up once.
  11. Lucas Nix is going to be the right tackle. That was an exact quote from Wanny which is very promising for the offensive line. There is going to be a position battle between Joe Thomas and Chris Jacobson at left guard.
  12. DeCicco and Fields are going to be the starting safeties. Wanny was insistent about Fields having a big season in order for us to be successful.
All in all the presser was boring and no new information was released. Keep it here for the rest of training camp and all through the season.


johnny said...

Some positive rhetoric. I would have liked to see something along the lines of "Our new OC realizes that Tight Ends are pass eligible," but this will serve as a good start.

Also, I think you meant, "Harris and Collier" are the returning backs with a few carries. Easy enough to confuse since Collier moved to fullback to help replace Collins.

Joshua said...

Does Wannstedt even know a QB when one stares him in the face? Based on his history, I guess not. Stull is a HUGE liability.