Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1 Training Camp 2009 (Morning Preview)

Welcome back college football! After 8 months off we finally have something to sink our teeth into as Panther fans. Today is the media day for the team and when all the interviews go up I will give them a listen and give some reports. The big news of the morning is a leak of the new home jersey.

I'm a huge fan. I really like the color and the size of the numbers. My only worry is what happens when the Big East logo goes on those jerseys and will it be 5 times bigger than the Pitt logo like last year.

Just like last year I'm going to be doing daily updates on camp along with the usual opinion pieces from us. So keep checking here and keep checking out our twitter for updates.

Be back in the afternoon with thoughts on the Wanny presser this morning and the team interviews.


Anonymous said...

I see that the jersey was leaked. I thought that the athletic department was supposed to officially show off the jerseys today?

J Jones said...

I think they are supposed to officially show them today.