Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some hope for Bostick?

With all of the debating back and forth about the quarterback position in the last few weeks, it was easy to get focused on certain things. I'm sure many of you did the same thing I did everyday when reading the camp reports. I would immediately look for the stat lines, drive recaps, and quotes from Coach Wannstedt about the position. Just like everyone else I was caught up in my own personal hope for a switch, caught up in my frustration with the way the season ended, and frustrated with what seemed to be a lack of an admission that there was a problem.

While we were all focus on the battle between Bill and Tino, we seemed to be missing a big part of what was being said by Frank Cignetti about Pat. Throughout all of camp, Cignetti has been praising Bostick for his team first attitude just like everyone else. It was while doing so that Cignetti was the first coach to bring up the possibility for a redshirt this season after fans were speculating this was going to be the case.

The biggest thing that Cignetti said which struck me was how appreciative he is that Pat is a student of the game. I'm sure growing up with a football father has helped Pat earn some extra respect in his eyes. From the way Cignetti has talked, it seems like he has some big plans for Pat and feels that with a full year under him, he can mold him into a better quarterback.

I've always felt that Pat has had the potential to end up being one of the better quarterbacks in Pitt history. He's already accomplished more than many players dream of. Add this to the fact that with a redshirt this year he will be around until 2011, this more than could make up for the awful situation he was thrown into as a freshman.

I'm one of Pat's biggest fans and I certainly hope he is given every opportunity to prove himself and that his work is fairly evaluated against his competitors. While you may not see Pat playing on Sundays, I do believe that there is a great chance you will see him some where on the field whether it is calling plays or teaching others who could benefit from his passion and his drive.

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