Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Message Board Debates: Tailgating

So this marks the first year that Jones and I will be able to enjoy sitting in the parking lot tailgating before games instead of waiting 5 hours at Gate C waiting to run up to our seats.

It looks like we will be in Red 5 this year based on DPJ's Panther Club donation. If you know anyone with a Gold Lot Parking pass they are trying to sell, we are in the market for buying one.

My question to the readers is this: What all should be included for a good tailgate?


Justin said...

kielbasa, beer, good people, chairs... thats it. A football is cool, but cornhole is for people who don't know how to talk to each other

David said...

Since i don't tweet... in response to your comment about "the older fanbase"... while I personally don't care one way or another about the script logo I think you should keep in mind that "older fanbase" is where all the major donors come in that allow you to enjoy many of the athletic blessings we have... I would find a better come back about the script if I was you "young man"

DPJ said...

Your teams logo shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not you support the team.

I hated the Pens logo when they switched in 93, I hated the Steelers throwback jerseys, I hate the Pens powder blues, but I won't stop being a fan or supporting my team because of that.

And how many of the older fans were actually fans/students before Johnny Majors brought in the script?

I didn't care about the logo until I met more fans who are too obsessed about the issue. Now I hope it never comes back (especially with the old colors) only because I find it hysterical when people get all fired up about it.

To me, they are the same people who love Wannstedt but aren't sold yet on Dixon.

DPJ said...

Justin, you absolutely must have a football. I did consider cornhole only because I think it would be sweet to have some Pitt cornhole boards, but a football will be enough.

One thing we're going to add to your list is music. You have to have some good tunes while hanging out before a game.

PittInCT said...

Cornhole is a must at my tailgate. Need some form of competition to hold me over till the game. I made a custom set of Pitt boards with blue and gold bags, it's pretty boss. They haven't gone over too well at UConn though... And I've found that - as long as I don't try chewing gum at the same time - I can muster the concentration to throw corn AND talk to the people I'm with simultaneously. Can you believe it?

PittInCT said...

Throw some cigars in there too

Kyle said...

sausage, chips, beer, whisky?
Pasta salad for september games, chili or gumbo for cooler months.
Radio for the listening to the pregame.

rkohberger said...

Rose colored glasses for the pre-game tailgate and crying towels for post game. While your at it - throw in some Enfamil baby formula for those fans who who complain about every little detail of the PITT football program.

Anonymous said...


You forgot to mention BITCHING!!!!

rkohberger said...

Yes, I did - and I was obviously joking, sort of. But I figured you can't have a gathering of PITT fans without the bitching anyway so I thought that would be redundant.

Actually, I drive four hours each way to go to the games - and my favorite part of the day is walking around the parking lots before the game starts and watching everyone having fun at their tailgates... with fans even going so far as tailgating in the parking garages which at first struck me as kind of weird.

It's the best part of the day sometimes, like when we play Bowling Green, Rutgers....

jaygeekray said...

A Pitt tailgate party only needs cases of cold beer, Mohan's wings, Della Sala's pizza and a grill for hot sausages with onions & peppers.(I agree that as the weather turns colder you need to increase the scoville rating of the menu.) Arrive at the parking lot together so you can get a couple adjacent parking spaces for the tables, chairs, Pitt flags & ladder ball (although cornhole is better.)
It helps if a few fans wearing the opponents jerseys walk-thru to stir up the crowd...But mostly you just need the beer!
For Noon games we like to just have a snack and a few beers before the game and save the full blown tailgate for afterwards.