Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 4 Training Camp 2009

The big story today was the contingent from the NFL Panthers (Arizona Cardinals) coming to the Southside to talk to the team. Can all of Fitzgerald's attributes rub off on Baldwin? Onto some thoughts on the first full squad practice of camp:
  • Max Gruder is still working with the first group at the weak side linebacker. I thought Gruder showed a ton of potential late last season. As solid of a tackler Murray was in the 2007 season I feel that Gruder has so much more playmaking ability.
  • Get used to the defense dominating the offense storyline for the entirety of the camp. The defensive line is well ahead of the offensive line. If the Romeus of his freshman year can show up again we have the best end combo in the Big East. I thought Sheard was the most underrated player in the conference last year and he is going to build on that.
  • I'm setting myself up for a big disappointment but I'm starting the Dan Mason challenging for the starting middle linebacker job bandwagon. He has the attributes of a playmaker at the position and he isn't behind anybody on the vaunted "look test". I've never thought much of Gunn as a player, at best he is solid positionally. Think outside the box here Wanny and give a freshmen a chance.
Sorry for the quick report but nothing of note happened today.

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rkohberger said...

I'm not sure Bennett or DW is going to take the chance on starting a true freshman at MLB unless it's absolutely necessary... which, with our DL poised to dominate, it may not be.

One thing to consider is that in Bennett's defense the MLB calls the defensive plays and is the "QB" of the defense. McKillop excelled at this and really, it was as important as the physical skill Scott brought to the games. He was so good at it because he had experience and confidence to fill that role.

Gunn brings much of the same qualities to MLB that McKillop did in that sense. Mason could also perhaps, but I doubt he's either as knowledgeable as Gunn is or as confident in that role in Bennett's schemes.

True Freshman usually play their first years because of a glaring need to get them onto the field - I'm not convinced there is that urgency with Mason at this point.